Friday, 28 June 2013

Popchips Review

As part of my healthy eating plan, I have two additional snacks ( under 100 calories each). It been hard finding something that isn't boring and one of my things I'm missing is defiinitely crisps. 

Popchips sent me a hamper of goodies to try and test out, with under 100 calories per bag they are great as an alternative snack. Never fried. never baked, their potato chips are popped (like popcorn). with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried crisps and less than 100 calories per serving, you’ll taste why they’re winning awards (and acclaim) throughout America. If they are good enough for Katy Perry and her Popcats they are good enough for me! No fake flavours, Colourings or preservatives are added to give you that healthier option.

We was sent the following flavours to try - Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Barbecue, Sea Salt & Vinegar. 

Got to admit my favourite was original, they was a lovely texture. They was an instant hit and got my taste buds going. I liked how you actually got a bag of chips rather than a few stuck at the bottom of the packet. 

I liked the Popchips clip that was sent, but seriously who leaves any and not eat the whole packet in one go. Well not in my household, we have the snooze you lose rule haha! 

Spreaditfast Videos

Spreaditfast use video to quickly spread the word about trending topics in the fashion, technology and lifestyle industries. Check out this super fluffy video. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Me Vs The Slimpod

Day 43 

I'm pretty much open to give anything a go, when it comes to losing weight. Looking back pre-children I didn't eat a lot. I survived on toast, I didn't binge, pick or eat anything really bad. I was a happy 10/12.

After the shock of finding out at 26 weeks I was pregnant, my eating habits changed a lot.  I was eating whatever I wanted, lots of takeaways and a 2 litre tub if ice cream everyday. After my son was born I had ballooned to a size 18/20. It took me 14 months with exercising   Most days i managed to reach a size 12/14.  From then my battle of food started. It didn't help me getting in from work at 7pm so I was also eating pretty late.  My weight has been up and down since the birth of my son and I've never been able to maintain it. Four years later I got pregnant again, already a size 16 I was pretty worried how much I was gonna put back on. At 20 weeks I was diagnosed with SPD which left me pretty much bed bound. I had to take maternity leave early as just walking in between rooms hurt so much. I believe this is all my problems started with food. I was deeply depressed and would binge and sleep all day and everyday. My daughter was born and I was a size 18/20, two years after I had gone to a 22. I was so unhappy with my weight and just didn't see anyway out to help myself. 

One of my big problems is i hate wasting food so when cooking I would pick at food and if the kids left anything I would eat it instead if it going to waste. Another is portion sizes, since I can remember I was always given a large portion to eat, so I think its stuck.

So this brings me to my new challenge  its called the Slimpod a unique voice recording you listen to for 10 minutes a day which controls your appetite so you feel full quicker and eat less. Ok so can a repeat recording really help, yes it can!  I was super sceptical at first, I didn't think it could help at all. Slimpods feature the soothing voice of Trevor Silvester, one of the world’s leading experts in this field, who will gently guide you into losing weight by breaking eating habits that may have dogged you for years. This simple, powerful behavioural change means you'll be able to create long-lasting benefits for yourself.

The aim is to listen everyday, anytime & anywhere then to find three positives about your day big or small. They can be anything from a skipped the biscuit barrel at work, I walked instead of catching the bus, I had salad etc. you also set long and short term goals so you can see the progress for yourself.

Here are mine : 

Long Term Goals.

My main aim is lose at least 3 dress sizes by this time next year.

I will be wearing a size 14 by 25th December.

Be confident in myself to wear a bikini before I go on holiday next may. 

Short Term Goals.

Blue dress (Size 16 ) dress by 15th September

To fit in to my dress by Christmas ( its pretty tight ATM)

 Listen to my pods daily and find a minimum of 3 positives every day.

Listen for the full signal at each meal

Gym once a week and swimming twice a week.

I'm currently on day 43 and had some amazing results, not only do I feel free I don't feel scared of food anymore. I am now in control, food is not the enemy. 

So far since using the slimpod I have lost 9.5 lbs, which has been amazing. I'm so happy that I can make the right decision & if I don't every now and its ok to do so. Finally I've found something that's working for me, that I don't have to stop eating, weigh my food out and that will cost the earth to follow. The changes have been massive, I've cut down on portion sizes which have had a massive effect on my children also eating most of what's on there plate. I'm feeling full after most meals. I think twice about snacking on naughty things and most the time will pick up fruit instead. I'm moving more, I feel happier, less tired and super motived. 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Eco2Life Review & Giveaway

I do try and be Eco friendly, I recently swapped my brand named cleaning products to supermarkets own brands as its really shocking how much cleaning products cost.  I was sent 4 empty Bottles and 4 little Bottles of Solution for Bath&Shower, Glass, Floor & Multi Surface to try and test out. 

Eco2life has come up with refill and reuse system to reduce the amount of plastic going to recycling and waste.  They make products with ingredients that are naturally derived, Eco-friendly and biodegradable. You make the cleaners at home in three easy steps - 1.  Fill up the bottle half way 2. Add the cleaner and fill up to the top. 3. Pop lid on and shake well then you are ready to use. 

Planet Earth's eco2life products are inspired by an Australian idea that first came to prominence over 15 years ago…to create an environmentally sustainable cleaning system using ingredients derived from corn, sugar cane, coconut, vegetables and citric acids.

Now we've brought that same ethical way of thinking to the UK and to the rest of Europe with our range of Eco-friendly cleaning products, and with a philosophy that remains true to the original vision.

The products seem to leave a long lasting scent, the scent was quite different very natural smell. All the four cleaners did smell the same to me. I know some household cleaners can leave a taste you mouth and sting your eyes but these didn't. The products left a great shine and cleaned well, I was really impressed with the results. 

The combination of low volatile organic compounds/no fumes, a neutral pH level, no known Carcinogens or other health effects mean these products are a safe choice for use in the home. You can even wash your fish tank with them - just don't forget to take the fish out of the tank first.

Eco2Life have given me an eco2life Cleaning Box to give away that contains everything to get you going and Eco cleaning. 

The box contains : 

One of each 500ml REUSABLE spray bottle of the eco2life multi-surface, bathroom, glass and floor Eco friendly high performance cleaning products.

Two of each 50ml REFILLS, one to get your started and the other to keep you green cleaning

Four different colour high quality micro-fibre cloths worth £5.99.

All you need to do is fill in the form below 

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You can see more about them at , YouTube channel at or there Facebook Page

Monday, 17 June 2013

Frankie & Bennys New Speicals Review

We was thrilled to be asked again to try and test out the special menu at Frankie and Benny's. We had a triple celebration to celebrate. My 30th birthday, Fathers day & my engagement. As a family we don't really get time to all go out together and eat out. 

I was quite supposed to have to wait for a table for 20 minutes, we had pre booked and with nine of us. I was pretty shocked. With a 6 & 2 year old its no fun having them getting bored before we are sitting down to eat.

We seemed to be plonked and squeezed on a table for six, In-between a horrid smelling toilet and a stinky bin! 

The waitress was really nice and was quick to take our orders. The starters took 20 minutes to arrive and one had to be sent back as it was pulled pork potato skins which the menu describes as Fully loaded with BBQ pulled pork and red onion, topped with cheddar, but when it came all it had was cheese on. 

Three of us ordered the Garlic button mushrooms tossed in Cajun and blue cheese sauce, which came out Luke warm, which was a shame as it tasted really nice.

I ordered the Philly chicken & bacon wrap which was a flour tortilla loaded with breaded chicken, grated cheddar, bacon, lettuce and red onion smothered in Philly cheese sauce.  Which tasted really nice and was very filling. 

We also ordered the Philly steak sandwich which was sent back as well, as when it came mushrooms and onion was burnt to a crisp and it just looked like black bits had been thrown in to the bun. When it came out the second time it was perfect and the Philly cheese went well with it.

This is my 3rd time reviewing Frankie & Benny's see my other reviews Here & Here. I was pretty disappointed this time around as it was a celebration of three things. I did like the new special menu, it was good for £10.95 for two courses and something I would most likely try again.  

To check out the new specials menu click Here

Happy 30th To Me

It was my 30th birthday the weekend and I was spoilt! I was whisked off to hotel and spa, taken out for dinner, the cinema & proposed too! Yay! 

We don't get out much together with having two kids, we a mainly go out with friends and family separate as its easier to babysit. So it was great to be able to spend a day and night together without any little ones about!

My yummy cake, my family know me too well haha

I have been waiting over 10 years for him propose to and was shocked to be given  a Thomas Sabo bracelet box while having dinner. The bracelet had the words " Marry Me" as a charm bracelet, its absolutely stunning! 

I'm walking on cloud 9 at the moment :-D 

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Shelby’s Snack Shack Game Review

The brilliant game  from Learning Resources Shelby needs help finding her buried bones! This unique counting game encourages players to spin the first spinner to determine play then spin the second spinner to see how many bones they collect using the Shelby Squeezers.

The player with the most bones at the end of the game wins. Develops number, counting & fine motor skills and is suitable for children ages 4+

A lovely detailed game, the illustrations are so cool and cheery. It comes in an unique shaped box, which doubles up as part of the board game.

Raiden loved the game, and we spent all evening paying it. It was a race to who collected the most bones and really encouraged problem solving and counting.

 Learning Resources are giving you a chance to win 1 of 5 Shelby’s Snack Shack games too over on there Facebook page HERE

Friday, 14 June 2013

Nashville Season 1 Out On DVD 15th July & Giveaway

Nashville Season 1 hits DVD on the 15th July! As seen on more 4

Country gets dirty as two of its major stars go to war! In Nashville, the established ‘Queen of Country’ is upstaged by a successful newcomer but won’t give up her crown that easily in this new smash-hit TV series starring Hayden Panettiere (Heroes, Malcolm In The Middle) and Connie Britton (The West Wing, 24).

Faded country music star Rayna Jaymes (Britton) is asked by her record label to support new young, best-selling star Juliette Barnes (Panettiere) on tour after her own records don’t sell so well. Rayna puts her career at risk by rejecting the idea of a joint tour because she can’t stand Juliette’s new style of ‘bubble-gum country’. But the two women come into conflict when they try to sign up the same guitarist, Rayna’s bandmate and former lover Deacon Claybourne (ER’s Charles Esten).

Created by Thelma & Louise’s screenwriter Callie Khouri, with music Executive Produced by T-Bone Burnett (The Hunger Games, O’ Brother Where Art Thou, Crazy Heart)

Volume 2 of the Nashville Official soundtrack is released on May 20th via Universal Records. The new single ‘Hypnotizing’ by Hayden Panettiere is available 17th June.

You have to be able to fight as well as sing to make it big in Nashville…

All 21 episodes of the Double Golden Globe nominated NASHVILLE are available to own on DVD.

I have a fabulous giveaway for my readers with a copy of the DVD &  Soundtrack vol 1 and vol 2  for one lucky fan. All you have to do is fill in the form below before July 16th.


The prize consists of a DVD & Soundtrack vol 1 and vol 2. 

Brummie mummy  is hosting the giveaway and is not responsible for sending the prize to the winner, this is done directly from the company. The blog and it's owner accept no responsibility for any withdrawal or non receipt of the prize. 

Rafflecoper picks the winner and all steps of entry are checked.

Entrants accept that their email addresses are required and will be sent to the PR after the competition closes.

The competition closes on the 16/07/2013. The winner will be notified within 48 hours and The PR will be contacted thereafter to send the prize to it's recipient. The winner has 28 days from the date of contact from brummie mummy to respond with their address details, after which a new winner will be picked.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Mike the Knight Mission Play-Set Review

Last weekend we received a fabulous Mike The Knight Playset which contained a Helmet and Sword From character.

The helmet is just like mike the knights it has a visor which you can move up and down and a chin strap to keep it secure while wearing. 

It comes with a fantastic red plastic feather just like Mikes!

The play set comes with a foam sword, which is great as it quite soft and no damage can be done.

 Both Raiden and Lexie have enjoyed dressing up with the Playset. The set is from 3 years ( due to small parts) The RRP is £14.99

Final Week Of The 28 Day Challenge Proskins Review

Proskins sent me a pair of their leggings and have asked me to undertake the 28 Day Challenge - wearing the leggings for at least 8 hours a day, everyday for 28 days. Last week I did my 28 days and I've been super pleased with the results.They have been so comfy to wear I have taken them to the gym, wore them with a long top just out and about, gone shopping with them under my jeans, wore them  while doing housework. You could wear them ideally anywhere as they are very light even under a pair of jeans.

Measurements today are another inch of tummy and legs. So it stands at 2.5 inch off tummy and 2 inch off legs. There has been an improvement in cellulite & stretch marks just in 28 days.

I would say anyone that is thinking about taking the challenge that you go a size smaller as mine are a bit baggy now. Here are the details if you are thinking about taking up the challenge yourself.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Me, Myself & I - A New Me

So I'm laying myself bare today and telling you how the past 3 years have been for me and my weight. 

My first pregnancy I went from a size 10/12 to a size 18/20, it took me around 14mths to get myself back down to a size 12. From then on I've battled long and hard with my weight. I used to eat 2 meals a day before pregnancy, never snacked but always maintained. 

When we decided on baby number 2 i was a size 16. we tried for quite a few months but I never caught. So I decided to get back to the gym when I lost a stone and was back down to a 14. After suffering so bad with SPD with baby number 2, I ate and slept as it was so painful  i couldn't the school run which is 2 minutes away it took me half an hour. I binged & binged till i couldn't eat no more. Then I would get upset and just sleep until I had to pick my son up from school. I came very depressed and suffered very low iron. 

After my daughter was born I was around a size 18/20 and I had put on nearly 3 stone. I've been so unhappy ever since. My daughter didn't sleep though the night till nearly 2 years old, so I've just been in a tired state since which made me so lazy and sleepy all the time. 

The end of Jan 2013, my doctor basically told me I was fat. Weighed me and said I had put on a further 2 stone since I had my daughter. I was so upset and gobsmacked, but I knew deep down as my 20 jeans was way to tight, but I refused to buy the next size up.

Start of February I've been on a weight mission and so  far I've lost 1.5 stones, dropped down to a size 18 and lost 4 inches off tummy, 4 inches off arms, 2 inches off bust & 1 inch off my legs. I'm truly amazed with how far I've come so far.

I feel so much happier and healthier, a lot less stressed and tired! I still have a long way to go but I'm so happy that I'm making progress and I will not let myself have a battle with food anymore! 

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Ecover - Message In Our Bottle Campaign

I've been a fan of Ecover as they don't use harsh  man-made chemicals that can irritate your skin. Their products are made from natural, sustainable plant-based ingredients and they are constantly working to ensure they leave fewer unnecessary residues, biodegrade even more quickly and have less impact on aquatic life. 

Their Pledge is  to constantly innovate, evaluate and future proof our products; from the ingredients we choose, the processes we use to the bottles in your home.
We're hooked on plastic - future proofing our bottles with the clever mix of Plant-astic, Recycled Plastic and reclaimed Sea Plastic will set new standards in packaging, closing the loop in everyday recycling making it the easy choice for you.
Our pledge to you is that we will never stand still when it comes to sustainability.

Philip Malmberg, Ecover CEO

To find out more about this campaign, check out for more information here :

Love2Read Personalised Book Review

I've been meaning to do a photobook with family members in for a while to help her wither speech and I've never got around to it. So I was thrilled when love2read asked me to review one of there lovely books. 

Love2read  aim of each unique book is to help children develop a love of reading. It does this by presenting photographs which reflect children's world and relating them to simple words. Research shows that if children love books they will learn to read much faster and we will be encouraging a lifelong love of reading.
The key words in each book are known as “high frequency ” words, which are some of the first words children will be taught to recognise when they start school. To make learning to read easy and fun

The website was easy to use and it was very easy to upload and change photos, colours and fonts. I liked how if an image wasn't suitable it told you to that you needed to change it because of the quality. All you have to do is upload 10 photos and a simple bit if text. Placing an order was stress free and I got my book delivered to my door within a few days. 

The book is a great size for little hands and it colourful and unique. I decided to get one of all the family members , so we could look back though it and discuss who is in each picture.

I think these books make excellent gifts for special people in your life, complete with everlasting memories too.  The perfect Father's Day gift,  Dads will love being the star of the bedtime story, so love2read has come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift in the form of a unique, personalised book. Their range of books can be personalised by adding ten photos and text to the pages e.g. “My dad plays golf”, “My dad likes cars” or “My dad loves me”.

For further information and to see the range of books on offer please visit their website at