Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review

Well I was shocked to get a very colourful package though the post the weekend. Luckily that my son was at his nannies as I would of had a fight on my hands. The monkey has became Lexie's best friend since he arrived and has been taken everywhere with her.

The box contained a packet roast beef hoops and crosses, a little mini book telling you lots of facts about the crisps and a gorgeous toy monkey. Each bag  of new hoops and crosses has 85 calories per bag, that's really good for a packet of crisps.

 Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives & are baked no fried so are much healthier. 

They come in three flavours  (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar) all suitable for vegetarians.I managed to taste test a few, I'm a massive fan of anything last beef flavour anyway and they are pretty silmar to monster munch - yum.  These are perfect for a tasty treat or to add in to a pack lunch without being worried that they are bad for the little ones.

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  1. These are yummy. My son has been taking them for his school snack and enjoys them too.