Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Proskins 28 Day Challenge

So I've been on a weight loss mission for a number of weeks now. So far my total weight loss is 1 stone and 3lbs. I've dropped a whole dress size so far too. I'm on the slimming world plan and doing swimming twice a week and the gym once a week. 

I'm hoping to lose around another 4 stone, since getting pregnant with my daughter I've just piled it on. 

Tomorrow I'm starting the Proskins 28 day challenge. Slim by Proskins use advanced technology fabrics to ensure function, innovation and versatility. Slim uses the same Compression Technology as performance sportswear for elite athletes; premium fabrics, unparallelled knowledge and superior construction, all combine to deliver a product that is scientifically proven to provide optimum levels of graduated compression. Made from a patented micro-encapsulated yarn containing active ingredients including caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients combined with the high tech compression improves the overall skin condition, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

So for the next 28 days I will be wearing them and recording my results and showing you how I'm getting on. 

76% slimming efficacy
Up to 2cm reduction on thighs perimeter
65% efficacy reduction of fat nodes. Redensifying effect
63% of users state reduction on the orange peel aspect
67% feel their jeans less tight
72% users feel lightness sensation

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