Monday, 20 May 2013

Playfoam Review Learning Resources

We was delighted  to be chosen to review Playfoam  a mess-free, Non-toxic formula, creative play resource. You can use playfoam to squish and shape into anything you want. 

Mess free, doesn't stick to hands, clothes or carpet.  I was really surprised how mess free it was especially with a two and six year old. Some was squished in to the carpet and it came out with just a quick hoover. 

It was easy to make models before it was all squished down in to one colour, there was a selection of eight colours. It's easy to store ( old ice cream tub) and it stays it never drys out. Promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development. 

It's been a huge hit with the kids, they have loved shaping and making all sorts. It's been out every night for the past 4 days. 

Learning Resources Uk have a competition to win some playfoam on Facebook HERE

Facebook competition closing date: Friday 7th June 2013

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