Thursday, 30 May 2013

Proskins update week 3

So I've been wearing my Proskins now for 21 days. 

Measurements today are I've stayed the same on my waist but I've lost 0.5 inch off my legs. 

So it stands at 1.5 inch off tummy and 1 inch off legs. So pleased with the results so far. Can definitely see an improvement in cellulite, my thighs are much smoother and are looking less bumpy. Even my stretch marks seem reduced too.

I only have 7 days left on my 28 day challenge, so I'm excited to see what my last week brings me! 

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Proskins day 14 update.

I've been wearing my Proskins for a total of 14 days, for 8 hours or more. So I'm half way! 

They are so comfy to wear and light. They don't make you itch or sweat and I love wearing them.

My measurements have stayed the same at 1.5 inches off my tummy and 0.5 inch of my legs. 

My stretch marks have really improved, I'm not sure if that's because my tummy is getting smaller or if its the proskins doing its magic. I'm hoping its a bit of Both.  The proskins are getting a bit baggy so if any of my readers fancy taking up the 28 day challenge. I would personally get a size smaller than what you are.

So I will update again in week on day 21! 

Monday, 20 May 2013

Playfoam Review Learning Resources

We was delighted  to be chosen to review Playfoam  a mess-free, Non-toxic formula, creative play resource. You can use playfoam to squish and shape into anything you want. 

Mess free, doesn't stick to hands, clothes or carpet.  I was really surprised how mess free it was especially with a two and six year old. Some was squished in to the carpet and it came out with just a quick hoover. 

It was easy to make models before it was all squished down in to one colour, there was a selection of eight colours. It's easy to store ( old ice cream tub) and it stays it never drys out. Promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development. 

It's been a huge hit with the kids, they have loved shaping and making all sorts. It's been out every night for the past 4 days. 

Learning Resources Uk have a competition to win some playfoam on Facebook HERE

Facebook competition closing date: Friday 7th June 2013

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Halo N Horns Prize Draw

If your at the baby show in Birmingham this weekend, pop over to the Halo & Horns stand J20 its a great opportunity for a little shopping to put the fun into bath time - kind and gentle baby and toddler toiletry essentials at great prices. At the show you can join the Halos N Horns Parenting Panel, a great way to find out about promotions, competitions and special events.For bargain hunters Halos N Horns has special show prices on individual products, all at £2 each, and bundled products - 3 for £4 and 4 for £5.

It’s a chance to stock up on your favourite Halos N Horns or try something in the range for the first time.  All purchases come with a free copy of the Halos N Horns Little Book of Holiday Fun, it’s bursting with fun ideas to keep kids entertained year round, come rain or shine.    
Download a free copy HERE

Halos N Horns award winning bath time essentials put the fun back into bathtime for children and parents.  Kids love the gorgeous, fruity-smells and bright playful colours of the shampoos and body washes, and that they don’t sting the eyes!

Championing the genuine needs of parents who are concerned about the type of ingredients and chemicals they are putting on their child’s skin, Halos N Horns has removed many of the harsh ingredients that can irritate your little ones’ skin, so no SLS and no parabens - making them really kind and
gentle for skin. Even the delicate fragrance is allergen free.

      *Halos N Horns Baby Bath* Winner of the Practical Parenting &
Pregnancy Bath Time award 2012/13. For babies from 1mth,* *it’s a safe and
gentle bubble bath or all-over hair and body wash, that won’t dry out
baby’s skin.  It leaves skin soft and clean and smells gorgeous too.  It’s
great for pregnant mums too.

  *Halos N Horns Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash* an all-rounder to
encourage kids into the bath - an ideal all-in-one for getting little ones
ready for bed, with a fruity smell inspired by freshly squeezed, juicy

  *Halos N Horns Mango-Melon Mayhem Shampoo and Conditioner* the
fruity, tropical fragrance and the green gooey gel will appeal to kids;
whilst parents will love the simple, speedier 2-in-1 formula. Designed to
cleanse and condition the hair and leave it silky smooth.

*Halos N Horns Berry Burst Shampoo & Detangler* with natural
plant-derived conditioners this leaves hair clean, shiny and tangle free.
Great for little girls with long hair, it’s an end to combing nightmares!
The fresh fruity smell is even more appealing.

 *Halos N Horns Baby Moisturising Lotion*  the perfect addition to
your baby or toddlers’ skincare routine. A gentle and hypo-allergenic
lotion with a delicate fragrance, ideal for sensitive skin.  Non greasy and
easily absorbed, it leaves baby’s skin feeling soft.

*Toothy Fruity Toothpaste* strawberry flavoured toothpaste for
children, the only SLS free kids’ toothpaste, it contains the recommended
level of fluoride to help protect developing teeth.

Halos N Horns is available in Asda, Boots, Ocado.  Follow Halos N Horns

Halo & Horns have given me the chance to give 2 sets of the Halos N Horns range out to my lucky readers.


The prize consists of two sets of the halo and horns range. 

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Rafflecoper picks the winner and all steps of entry are checked.

Entrants accept that their email addresses are required and will be sent to the PR after the competition closes.

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                 To win just fill out the rafflecoper form below.

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Proskins challenge 7/28

I'm been wearing my Proskins for around 7 hours per day. I've taken them to the gym, work and just put them on while doing the housework. There a light material so you don't actually know that they are on, amazingly comfortable to wear even under jeans.

I'm on day 7 of the 28 day challenge. So far I've lost 1.5 inches off my tummy & 0.5 inch from my legs. My legs seem very soft and smooth and I've noticed a different on my cellulite already.

Next update will be on day 14. I'm hoping for another at least half an inch on tummy and legs. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Find A Gift Paint Your Own Russian Dolls & Bunny Night Light Review.

You all know, Raiden is super crafty. He loves gets messy and enjoys designing and creating all different things. The first item we was sent from Find Me A Gift was Paint Your Own Russian Dolls.  Inside the box is everything to design and paint your babushkas. 

There are 5 different sized babushkas in each set, which as you'd expect all fit neatly inside one another. The set also includes 4 different paint colours (red, white, blue and yellow) and a little brush.

They're made to a really high standard and look like the traditional dolls you see all across Russia.

Raiden loved painting the dolls and enjoyed giving them to his nanny for. Little present for her to display at home. Rrp is £12.99

Next item from Find me a gift was this super cute Rabbit Night Light . We had been thinking about getting a nightlight as Lexie gets up sometimes still in the night.

 The bunny light gives off a lovely glow and the kids have taken it to bed every night since it arrived. 
 the cute bunny light keeps the children feeling safe and secure at night but not so much that the whole house is kept awake. Rrp is £4.99

Rabbit shaped glow light
Takes 3 x LR44 batteries (included)
Length: 10 cm, Width: 7 cm, Height: 15 cm
Suitable for children over 3 years

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review

Well I was shocked to get a very colourful package though the post the weekend. Luckily that my son was at his nannies as I would of had a fight on my hands. The monkey has became Lexie's best friend since he arrived and has been taken everywhere with her.

The box contained a packet roast beef hoops and crosses, a little mini book telling you lots of facts about the crisps and a gorgeous toy monkey. Each bag  of new hoops and crosses has 85 calories per bag, that's really good for a packet of crisps.

 Hoops and Crosses are made from wholegrains, have no artificial colours or preservatives & are baked no fried so are much healthier. 

They come in three flavours  (prawn cocktail, roast beef, salt and vinegar) all suitable for vegetarians.I managed to taste test a few, I'm a massive fan of anything last beef flavour anyway and they are pretty silmar to monster munch - yum.  These are perfect for a tasty treat or to add in to a pack lunch without being worried that they are bad for the little ones.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Proskins 28 Day Challenge

So I've been on a weight loss mission for a number of weeks now. So far my total weight loss is 1 stone and 3lbs. I've dropped a whole dress size so far too. I'm on the slimming world plan and doing swimming twice a week and the gym once a week. 

I'm hoping to lose around another 4 stone, since getting pregnant with my daughter I've just piled it on. 

Tomorrow I'm starting the Proskins 28 day challenge. Slim by Proskins use advanced technology fabrics to ensure function, innovation and versatility. Slim uses the same Compression Technology as performance sportswear for elite athletes; premium fabrics, unparallelled knowledge and superior construction, all combine to deliver a product that is scientifically proven to provide optimum levels of graduated compression. Made from a patented micro-encapsulated yarn containing active ingredients including caffeine, aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients combined with the high tech compression improves the overall skin condition, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and firm.

So for the next 28 days I will be wearing them and recording my results and showing you how I'm getting on. 

76% slimming efficacy
Up to 2cm reduction on thighs perimeter
65% efficacy reduction of fat nodes. Redensifying effect
63% of users state reduction on the orange peel aspect
67% feel their jeans less tight
72% users feel lightness sensation

Angels Fancy dress Review Game Dress - Noughts and Crosses.

Well  Angels Fancy Dress came to my rescue when I needed a toys and games outfit for a weekend away. I picked this awesome Noughts And Crosses interactive game dress.  (The noughts and crosses have velcro so can be moved around on the costume) 

Pack consists of dress, [5] X pieces, [5] O pieces and a wristlet. 

The dress has a flocked finish and the draught pieces grip onto the fabric with velcro tabs and you can actually play a mini game. It's an amazing dress and feels and looks fantastic on. 

RRP is £44.99

Angels fancy dress have a very massive collection of  over 10,000 outfits to suit everyone, if its for a party, Halloween, Christmas or any time of the year. They are reasonably priced and you can have it the very next day with there next day delivery service too! 

Sign up to there newsletter and receive 10% your first order too:

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Persil Spring Blossom - Freshen Up Your Kitchen This Spring

It’s the perfect time of year to try some delicious spring seasonal recipes, but the idea of all the washing up can seem a little off-putting.

That’s why Persil Washing Up Liquid has launched a new fantastic fragrance; Spring Blossom, which will make washing the dishes a little more enjoyable.

Hot pink in colour, Spring Blossom is a fresh and clean, fruity floral fragrance. Featuring hints of Freesias, White Rose, Vanilla and dry fruits, it’s the perfect aroma to welcome spring into your kitchen.

So whether you’re cooking a roast for the family or baking some delicious treats for friends, don’t worry about using every piece of crockery, cutlery or cooking tool you have, as you can enjoy cleaning up the culinary chaos with the new Spring Blossom Persil Washing Up Liquid, which will refresh your washing up bowl and kitchen with a fabulous burst of fragrance each time you use it. It smells lovely and long lasting freshness and bubbles. 

Spring Blossom Persil Washing Up Liquid retails at just £1.00 for a 500ml bottle, so keeping your dishes sparkling clean and beautifully fresh is now even better value and more fun than ever before.
Spring Blossom is available now in Tesco stores nationwide.

Lacura Night cream Review

With huge savings on similar branded products, Lacura provides a range of beauty saviours that can be added to the weekly shop without the guilty conscience of a hefty price tag. So why pay more when you don't need too?

A rich cream for intensive moisturisation, this Night Cream replenishes the oils and nutrients lost during the day, restoring the skins’ natural elasticity. Use regularly with the Q10 Anti Wrinkle Day Cream and the Multi Intensive Serum for best results.

The cream smells very refreshing and isn't a real strong smell. It's very light after its been put on. It sinks in easily and leaves your skin with a smooth finish. 

It takes a few seconds to sink in but it works really well and leaves me with a soft face in the morning . It is quite thick but a light cream when on.  I was pretty impressed with the cream and its a great saving at £1.99 for 50ml. 

This product is available in stores nationwide all year round.