Friday, 19 April 2013

Tropic Skin Care Body Polish Review

Ok so I'm one of these moms, that just about has enough time to brush my hair and pop it in a bobble most days. One of my promises to myself this year was to make time for me. Every mom needs a treat, right? I've come to the point now when I know a £1 shower gel isn't enough, you do pay for what you get. Spending does go a long away with the right products. 

I'm a massive lover of body products, I love the smells, textures and trying new things. Tropic skin care  asked if I would like to test out there body polish and I knew I couldn't refuse to try a new brand and product. There 100% Natural Body Smooth Refreshing Polish contains a blend of the finest pure plant & essential oils to stimulate skin renewal while dramatically smoothing, polishing & energising the skin. it contains natural sea minerals that gently buff away dead skin cells and Vitamin E to rejuvenate & revitalise, leaving your skin feeling unbelievably smooth & soft!

Expertly blended essential oils of top notes of Lemon Myrtle, mid notes of Bergamot & base notes of White Patchouli invigorates & refreshes your senses. Great for use anywhere on the body that is rough or dry, and highly recommended for use on your feet! 

First up it came packed lovely, it did feel like a real treat.

 It comes with a spatula to mix the oils with the salts. Best results are on dry skin. I scooped a bit out and used it on my hands and feet. 

It smells divine, the richness comes though. After rinsing off the salts the oils feel really nice on your skin, leaving it silky smooth and refreshed. 

I loved everything about the body polish and it's left me eager to try out more products from Tropic Skin Care too. 

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