Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Jokers' Masquerade Deluxe Merida Costume Review

Lexie loves to dress up and I couldn't resist on getting a new fancy dress costume for her. We have a big dressing up box which has all sorts in for playing dress up. 

I chose the Deluxe Merida costume as Lexie is already blessed with curly red hair just like Merida out of Disney's Brave. In size small which is 3-4 years. 

Lexie is only two but I like dressing up items to be bigger so you can fit them over normal day clothes. It comes in two more sizes Medium: Age 5 - 6 Years & Large: Age 7 - 8 Years Jokers   Masquerade have a massive selection of children's,TV, film-fancy & dress . Which would suit every child and they can transform into there favourite star. 

The costume came with a headband and long sleeved dress in a beautiful emerald green, which is just like Merida's in the Disney's film. The materiel was lovely and light. all seems was in tact and it looks like it will be hard wearing. I think it will take a bit to rip it, not like the cheap dresses you can buy. I loved the hoop skirt which gave the dress a bit of a fuller shape, plus it stops you tripping over the dress too.

So if your after any cheap fancy dress pop over to Jokers Masquerade, where you will be spoilt for choice. 

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