Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Haba Panomime Charades Mini Game - 75th Anniversary

The last item from Haba was the Pantomime Charades Mini Game to celebrate there 75th anniversary. You choose a card from the pack and without making a sound, try and describe to the other players what is on the card. The cards are a fab size to hold and are brightly coloured. 

The game is best for four or more players. Raiden found it hard to try not to make a sound, but it was all good fun watching him try, the game is from suitable from age 4. 

I loved the quirky little tin they came in to keep them safe. The game is fantastic for just popping in to a bag for a trip out or on holiday as it wouldn't take up any room.

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I just want to say thanks to Haba for choosing us as one of your 75th anniversary bloggers.

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