Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Haba Hamburger & French Fries Play Food - HABA 75th Anniversary

Our next item we got sent from Haba was the Hamburger & French fries play food. I've really only ever bought plastic play food for the children. So it was nice to get a different type. Lexie got a play kitchen for Christmas, so she loves to make and give out play food. 

The set is soft padded fabric, very light to touch & realistic. 
This set includes magnetic bun ( to hold the contents together)  hamburgers,cheese, lettuce, tomato and fries in a cardboard serving box.  other thing I was pleased to see is that the chips are individual bits of felt rather than a single clump. This means chips can be shared and dipped and there's much more opportunity for interesting play. Lexie has loved this little set. I know it can be a bit controversial but I think as a added extra along with other play food it's a great learning tool. 

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