Saturday, 6 April 2013

Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review

Lexie will be turning 2 in just a few weeks, awww where's my baby gone. I was thrilled to be asked to review one of baker days yummy letter box cakes.

At Baker Days ordering is really simple, they come in four different sizes and you can personalise just how you want it. You choose the design and flavour and can even upload pictures to add on to the cakes. On the website are over 500 designs to choose. 

Letterbox Cakes 3-4 portions

Small Party Cake

Medium Party Cake 29-30 portions

Large Party Cake 50-60 portions

We received the letterbox cake and it was so cute. Raiden choose Max and ruby to be added on to it as Lexie loves the show.  This cake, although small is in the same perfect proportion as it's larger sisters. It's the perfect gift and will bring a huge smile to a loved one. This brilliant cake, as it's name suggests, simply arrives in the post just like a Birthday card. 

Just order before 2pm and we can deliver your cake next working Day, virtually anywhere in the UK. We loved the taste of the cake it was very tasty. The icing was light and not too sweet, i cant stand the really sweet icing on cakes anymore. this was a perfect mixture. The carrot cake was very light and fluffy. Perfect for an special occasion or as a little treat, the letterbox cakes start at £14.99.

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  1. That looks lovely! Id love one of those for my sons birthday in May, i'm gonna take a look :-)