Saturday, 9 March 2013

Surcare Gel Liquid Review

As you are all aware I've been using soap nuts to do my washing for over a year now.  I use soap nuts for my normal washing then use gel liquid for my bedsheets. I'm still missing the heavy fragrance of washing that the soap nuts just don't give. Lexie has pretty sensitive skin, so comes out in rashes quite a lot, so I've stuck with the soap nuts and she's been fine. 

Firstly it's the first time I've come across the Surcare range it comes with a promise not to put anything unnecessary into its products that will irritate your skin. No enzymes, no dyes, no acids. Not even perfumes.  There is no smell from the gel at all, after washing it just leaves a subtle scent of cleanness. 

The gel you just add to the top and pop in the drum of the washing. Pour and go! I love the flip top bottle, it makes it so much easier to pour and pop away while the lid is being used in the wash. 

All Surcare products have been dermatologically tested and approved, so they can stop all those stains in their tracks without compromising on your skin. What’s more, they provide outstanding cleaning at 30°C, so you can be kinder to the environment too.

I would definitely use Surcare again, as it hasn't Irritated Lexie's skin at all.  RRP of £3.99 is available from most supermarkets 

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