Friday, 22 March 2013

Pink Monkey’s Website & Scooped Neck Top Review

I've always been quite slack with gymwear, I find it really expensive for what it. What if I told you that pink money donate 50% of the profit whatever you purchase will go to a charity that they have partnered with. Isn't that a great idea, helping others and helping yourself with trendy gear? 

Pink Monkey specialise in high quality, gorgeous, and flattering women’s running clothes in the UK for every size and shape from 8-26. There comfortable clothing will never let you down, whether you are running, walking or doing a hard workout. You can choose from there broad range of exercise wear, including the following:

Training Gear
Drinks bottle
And much more.

from next week my goal is to get fit! I'm starting slimming world and the gym so it fits perfectly in with my aim. We received a lovely scoop necked tshirt to test out. The Pink Monkey scooped neck T shirt is a fantastic colour an day favourtive colour pink. Wonderful  supersoft stretch fabric With a slightly looser fit and a wide waistband, plus flatteringly shaped and flatlocked seams.  i felt comfortable and confident wearing the top.

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