Wednesday, 13 March 2013

HenStuff Review

I was thrilled to be asked to review some items from HenStuff as I'm helping my best friend plan her moms hen party.  We had had some great ideas but actually not put anything in to action yet! Whoops!! HenStuff have a large amount and well priced items it was hard to choose from there massive range online. Website was really easy to use and delivery was really quick.

First thing on the list was this cool willy shot glass. No hen party is without lots of shots, this shot glass has a little cheeky surprise lurking in the bottom though hehe it has a cool pink beaded necklace so after a few too many shots you don't loose it. RRP £1.99

Next up is some shot glasses for the cheeky hens.  On sale at 50p each at the moment. This naughty little drinking accessory is a great item that's perfect for boozy hen nights. The shot glass is emblazoned with the words 'Horny Hen'. Comes again with a handy beaded necklace so you don't have to carry it around or loose it. 

The next few items is items we are gonna attach to the headdress we will make. After all the bride to be needs to be glamed up Red L Plate with Cord  on sale at 25p and Hen Night Caution Tape on sale at 75p - Thirty feet of caution tape with " caution wild girls" across it. 

A hen party isn't complete without a few naughty games. So we picked the dares Willy game, it's a bit like hook a duck but its a willy hehe.  Use the willy-shaped magnetic fishing rod to catch yourself one of the willy dares. The dares range from the slightly silly to the downright embarrassing, so choose your willy wisely! On sale at £3.99 

Hen night sticker and name tag pack RRP £1.99. A cool pack with stickers so everyone will know each others names.  Also included are 8 sheets of fun stickers to award to the guys you meet while you're out and about on your hen night. Categories include Nicest Eyes, Best Bum, and Worst Dancer. Very cheeky!

Be a proper bride to be with a pink willy wand, RRP is £1.99  A silvery stick with a glittery flesh coloured wobbly winky on top, complete with some pink fluff! 

Last but no means least is this gorgeous hunk Mr Wonder Willy -RRP is £3.99 The blow-up doll is an essential ingredient of any hen party celebration, but you seldom see an inflatable man who's this...well-endowed. Mr. Wonder Willy is the perfect companion for hell-raising hens who need a big strong man to look after them on the big night. Blow 'im up and be amazed at just how big this boy is!

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