Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Stuck On You Review

We have been sent some gorgeous items from Stuck On You 

Stuck on you started off just doing children's labels Stuck on You labels and gifts help keep your children's belongings safe. Over 17 years ago, Carrie Felton created Stuck on You. The busy Mum of three boys needed labels to identify her children's belongings for child care and nursery unfortunately nothing was available - Lucky for us Stuck on You commenced and the rest as they say is history.

Mum's know Stuck on You labels are incredible quality, perhaps less widely known is that we have our label materials and inks custom made for us. 

Stuck on you have branched out to do the most amazing personalised items, from placemats, bottles, puzzles, backpacks & clothing. The list is endless, the selection of items is amazing. 

We was lucky to receive a personalised nightdress for Lexie, made with 100% cotton it's really pretty and has washed very well. I was a little worried the picture would wear and crack but it hasn't.  There is a selection of pictures you can use, then you can personalise with one name. Perfect present for a birthday or Christmas. RRP is £19.99.

The next item was a 500ml stainless steel drinks bottle. This is perfect for school as it has his name printed on and it is really unique. With so many designs available there is always something for your child. The bottle holds quite a lot of juice, and it keeps it cool being stainless steel. It has a pop up lid so no spills. RRP is £15.99

I'm a huge fan of wooden puzzles so our next time was the gorgeous number puzzle. Beautiful crafted and it came in pretty colours pink, purple and white. Lexie loves the puzzle is its a great learning tool to recognize and learn numbers. RRP is £12.99

Our last item was labels,  they are always handy for school for Raiden. So far we haven't lost anything in school. I love the designs on the labels and they are great for sticking on all equipment for school. They are the perfect size and last well. 

I'm so pleased with the gorgeous items we received from stuck on you, there are definitely worth going to for the personalised items, simply beautiful.

Check out the full range HERE

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