Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where's Fred??

Earlier this week I was reminded of a childhood memory, which made me smile.

Raiden really wants a pet, we really struggled when we had a dog so we ad to give her away in the end, as we just never had the time for her. Since that we really haven't wanted anymore pets. We had the arrival of Jessie the hamster last year but she was short  lived as I think she was poorly when we brought her. After story-time Raiden asked me if I had any pets, we had a lot in our household birds, hamsters, dog, rabbit & fish. 

We also had an awesome tortoise at my grandads called " Fred " me and my sister loved going to grandads  as it was a game if who could find Fred first. The time we spent looking or him was unreal, such fab memories of hide and seek. i think that memory will always bring a smile to my face. 

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