Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monster High Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love' and 'Friday Night Frights' Double DVD

So one if the best things about having children is you can watch all the latest cartoons cuddled up on the sofa. I've heard vaguely of monster high, they look pretty freaked to me to be totally honest. I was always a barbie girl, when I was younger. So we was happy to receive the new monster high DVD to watch and review. Raiden loves any movies to be totally honest, he really enjoyed the new DVD.

We find out whether Draculaura's bestie ghoulfriends can help her make an important decision in time for her big sweet sixteen hundredth birthday party in Monster High.'' Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love, and if the ghouls win the battle to restore school spirit in Monster High Friday Night Frights. 

Monster High fans everywhere will feel a sense of solidarity withthe ghouls as they face life's challenges in their latest feature length, CG-animated films. Whatever comes at them, the true spirit of friendship thrives as the ghoulish gals support each other to champion their monster talents and show they have true ghoul power!

The Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love and Monster High : Friday Night Frights double-disc DVD is the perfect celebration of ghoul power to enjoy with your bestie ghoulfriends. It is available on Blu-Ray & DVD to pre-order now and contains special features and bonus material.

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