Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Ape Escape DVD Review

We was lucky enough to get a copy of Ape Escape though, got to admit its supposed to be based on a computer game but I've never saw it before. You can tell is us by the catchy computer tune, its one of though that i see would become annoying over time. Haha The DVD s a mixture if 19 short adventures, which are great as it kept Raiden still and entertained without getting bored. Raiden really enjoyed the new DVD. 

Specter, the leader of the ape world, was just an ordinary ape at the zoo. That is until a “pipo-helmet,” which was invented by a brilliant, but absent minded, Professor, was accidentally dropped into his cage. When Specter puts the intelligence-boosting helmet on, he is suddenly given the intelligence of a human and even starts to look human.

What is a super intelligent ape to do in a world dominated by people?


I Scream

Laser Eyes

Ape Date

Him Can’t Swim

Size Matters

Clearin’ The Pipes

Banana My Love

Driving School

A Side Order of Uki Uki

Paint Brush Off

Science Gone Bananas

Who’s Your Daddy

Baby Monkey



Jimmy Needs A Helmet

Jimmy Makes A Specter Of Himself

Egg Head

An Ape In The Neck

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