Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Perfect Game By A Five Year Old

Ok so asking a five year old his perfect game  I thought would be easy! Yeah right, he keeps coming you with snips of the games he has already played so its proving hard. 

Raiden plays the classic games pikmin, Mario, Sonic & Lego games at the moment. So we have come up with some ideas on his #perfectGAME

His perfect game would be a game which is platform based, something you can collect things on, ( sweets ) LOL He also likes to be able to change the players outfits and hair colours to suit which mood there in. He also mentioned he would like to change there faces to happy/sad/angry/scared etc

He likes the idea of having different transport that includes dragons and clouds to fly. There was also a mention of collecting cards which give you the chance to collect different characters though extra levels. The idea of different places to around the world, with different animals which represent them countries too. The boss levels are aliens which shoot sweets as there weapons and you have to eat as many as you can,

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