Monday, 17 December 2012

Night Terrors

Both of my children have never been great sleepers, you could say I've had broken sleep for the last 6 years. Raiden would get up from anything from 1-3 times, normally for a bottle then go back off. Finally just as he was sleeping though I found out I was pregnant, while pregnant I was in so much pain I hardly slept. So Lexie came along she slept though for a few weeks, then stopped. She always been very fidgety and restless though the night. She can wake for no reason crying, normally a few slips of a bottle will get her back off again. I can generally say though even though they go back off, the broken sleep is the worse I get feeling I've had an hour sleep.  

Just after her 1st birthday, Lexie woke up screaming & crying. Nothing would calm her down at all, after about 40 minutes & calpol she went back off to sleep again. We just put it down the teething. A month or two later this happened again. We really didn't know what was going on, she woke up screaming, she was running around and nothing could calm her down. After a lot of rocking and soothing finally she went back off.

Last week the same thing happened again, this time it lasted well over an hour. She would throw her self back, hit her head on the floor and just scream. The strange thing was her eyes was open but she wasn't there at all.. Night terrors did pop it to my head but I thought that it possibly couldn't happen so young! After researching it online it can happen to babies and its really quite scary to watch, because you can't actually do anything as there still in a state of sleep. she's sort of caught in a sort of a twilight zone between being asleep and being awake, she's is totally unaware of my presence and doesn't respond to anything I say or do. It's so frighting.

This happened again last night and it when on for even longer a total of 75 minutes where I sat there unless which she was in a state of throwing herself around, kicking me, crying and screaming. The more I try to comfort the more aggressive she gets. The scary thing is that there is nothing to prevent this happen nor can I help or do anything to calm her while it happening. I actually feeling pretty useless and dreading bedtimes now.

Anyone had children that suffer with night terrors, did you find anything that helped?? 

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