Sunday, 2 December 2012 Review & Giveaway

More than half of kids today are actively adopting eco-friendly lifestyles amidst concerns for the planet, new research suggests

UK children are springing into eco action through concerns about greenhouse gases, a glut of garbage and the end of the human race.

Research released today by, a children’s virtual world with an ecological focus, reveals more than half of kids today are actively involved in everyday eco-friendly behaviour and are intent on making their own personal contribution to looking after the planet. This is amidst rising fears of  extinction expressed by almost a quarter of children surveyed (28%), while a further one in ten are worried about the effects that pollution and rubbish are having on the Earth and our lives*.

The research, launched by MiniMonos to raise awareness of the UK’s first ‘eco’ membership card for children, shows that eighty-six per cent of those questioned believe it is important we take every step possible to look after the planet. More than a third recycles regularly (38%), almost a fifth picks up litter (16%) while one in twenty helps protect wildlife or takes up energy saving activity (5% respectively).

Following their concern that the world will end, children’s other top reasons for going green are:

1.      It makes them feel good
2.      They have fun doing it
3.      Their actions help other people

More than a million kids across the globe are being helped to make an enviro mark through MiniMonos’ offer of a unique online space, where they can learn about the world around them while playing exciting games, interacting with like-minded friends and winning rewards for undertaking their own real-life ‘EcoMonkey’ projects.

And as part of its march for a more ethical toy market, the virtual world has launched the planet’s first eco membership cards on the high street, offering an alternative to traditional Styrene material so they can be recycled rather than put into landfill.

Founder Melissa Clark-Reynolds said, “This generation of kids in the UK is clearly fearful about the impact global warming could have on the future of the planet and – for a significant amount – the human species itself.

“The research underlines the importance they place on being able to do their bit to protect the environment, and by adding the world’s first eco-cards to our existing line up of ethical products, we can offer our UK fans goods which are supportive of the green causes close to their hearts."

The findings further suggest that when it comes to setting a good example on green behaviour, mums rate best, with around a third of children (34%) identifying them as the family member doing the most in the home to look after the environment.

Kids can pick up their eco membership cards now at branches of WHSmith, or log on to learn more about the MiniMonos universe and how to start their own EcoMonkey project at

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  1. My children are always on at me about recycling, they spy on me when I put things in the bin, then tell me off, if I put boxes, bottles, cans or anything else that needs to be recycled x

    1. Me and my kids try are best to make sure we recycle paper my daughter makes sure i dont forget lol .x

  2. my son love cardboard. i always save it for him to build his house.