Friday, 7 December 2012

Ask Her Friends For The Perfect Gift

Are you tired of drab presents from your hubby, who has seemed not follow your hints or noticed you dribbling over a new handbag.  Here  is a new website to save you from that, which was actually set up by a man! 

AskHerFriends is the creation of founder Ben Blomerley, who once bought an ex-girlfriend a worm farm, set up the site after one too many present faux-pas. At a complete loss of what to buy, he says:

"I started asking my girlfriend's mum and friends for their advice and they were really helpful. Then speaking to my mates, I came to realise that I wasn't the only one getting it wrong in the gifting department." 

An AskHerFriends app and sister site, AskHisFriends are also in construction.

Man signs up to AskHerFriends and browses the huge range of  gift and experiences on offer. He chooses some and adds them to an Advice List that’s then sent round to his lady’s friends and family via email or Facebook. They can then rate and comment on his choices helping him to buy the best gift for you. 

With unique gifts & experiences which range from £10- £250 so there is an option for every budget. Such a simple but effective idea, he surely will ever get it wrong ever again! 

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