Friday, 14 December 2012

Apple Books Review

Apple books have brought out some children's classics with a twist for Christmas. 

First up is a funny rendition of The Princess and The Pea. i grew up with this being one of my favourite books to read. I loved the children's twist on it how it's insightful reflection of how important having certain things "just so" can be to certain kids. This book has been a huge hit with both kids, they have both enjoyed it as there bedtime read. I've really enjoyed reading the updated classic. 

 Most of the time she is good Princess Rosebud. But when there’s a hole in her sock, or her sweater is itchy, or—ick!—the peas on her plate are smushed up right next to the carrots, this strong-willed little miss becomes the picky and prickly Princess Fussy. 

The second is flying to neverland with Peter Pan which has been updated  to a magical picture book sure to enchant the musical’s legions of new and returning fans.  Lyrics from two beloved songs from Peter Pan which is a super add to the the original Peter pan classic. JM Barrie originally wrote his classic children's story Peter Pan as a stage play, and it was the immense popularity of this that persuaded him to write the book, which has been a favourite amongst children ever since. The play was turned into a musical over fifty years ago, with lyrics by the legendary Jerome Robbins, and Flying to Neverland takes children into a piece of this magic.

Exuberant watercolours capture part of the story as Peter enters the Darling's house at night in search of his lost shadow, wakes Wendy, Michael and John, and explains his presence, who he is and where he lives with the song 'Neverland', and then takes them flying there with the song 'I'm Flying'. Children can follow the lyrics on the page as Peter and the Darling children swoop, hover, and turn in the air, and can hear the songs HERE so they can experience this magical night where the story begins again and again. 

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