Friday, 14 December 2012

Answer Buzzers by Learning Resources Review

We got to review and test out some pretty cool interactive answer buzzers.  The buzzers are very "Game-show " like. The buzzers are four different colours with fun sounds- honking horn, boxing bell, doorbell and a boing!  

We have been testing the buzzers with simple games, like spelling or the odd one out. Raiden has thought these have been super funny with the different sounds. It's been an unique and fun way of learning without him thinking he is learning with a simple game. They are suitable from 3-15 years and could be used for multiple of things. 

Even Lexie has just enjoyed pushing the buttons for all the sounds too. 

My only bug was each buzzer requires two battery's, so that's eight altogether before you even start, which can prove a little costly after paying £15 for the buzzers.

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