Friday, 2 November 2012

Warner Brothers Goody Box DVD Review

We got sent an awesome box of goodies from Warner Brothers for Halloween.

In the parcel was some Haribo sweets, some Halloween bubbles, some spooky stickers, a cat mask and the following DVDs - 
Scooby -Doo Big Top - Tom & Jerry Tricks - Ben 10 Destroy Aliens and Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet.

The sweets went straight away both kids dived on them, the kids enjoyed popping the spooky stickers on to there trick or treat sweet buckets too.
The bubbles have came in handy for a bit of fun time, Lexie absolutely loved them.

Scooby Doo Big Top - Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the gang arrive in Atlantic City for a relaxing vacation… and land centre-stage in a three-ring mystery. After visiting a shuttered big top that’s being hounded by werewolves, the gang goes undercover to find out why. It’s up to Daphne the clown, trapeze artist Fred, Velma the human rocket, ringmaster Shaggy and the amazing trick dog Scooby-Doo to solve the mystery and save the circus. But when they repeat their crowd-pleasing performance for Shaggy’s favourite Swedish metal band, Wülfsmöøon, the beasts come back for one more hair-raising ruckus. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy juggle fun, fright and feats of bravery and puzzle-solving skill in the greatest original Scooby-Doo movie on earth. An awesome tale of a mystery that gets spooky, with lots of laughs. an exciting tale of the mystery gang that saves the day, yet again! 

Ben 10 - Set shortly after the events of BEN 10, Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max are spending their time fighting aliens on the streets of Bellwood. However, one day when they were fighting a robotic tank, Ben and Gwen argue over the best way to destroy it. Finally Gwen uses a dismantling spell while Ben is attached. Unknown to them at the time, this leads to a malfunction in the Omnitrix. Raiden really enjoyed Ben 10, he hasn't watched any fir a while he said this was his favourtive of them all.

Tom & Jerry - The conflict between a cat and a mouse is the perfect tie-in to the Halloween season. The little mouse is constantly tricking the big cat so it can get to the sweet treats. Even without a pumpkin, they are celebrating the holiday with every chase. Tom and Jerry: Trick or Treats presents 22 shorts that have enough spooks and scares to last the holiday season. A classic DVD of 22 takes of the typical Tom & Jerry with some spookiness thrown in.

Lego Factory - Rookie Hero Rocka is in trouble on the beautiful Planet Quatros. The evil Aldous Witch is destroying Quatros and the protected animals who live there as he attempts to take control of "quaza," an essential and valuable mineral at the planet's core. Without quaza, the Heroes' entire world is threatened. Members of the team are sent to rescue Rocka and save the day. They encounter Aldous and a series of frightening animal creatures who are under his spell and have been ordered to defend their master and his nefarious plan. We have never watched Lego factory before and it was really enjoyable. Good for the kids that like battles and fighting.

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