Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thank You For The Smiles - Sleep Tight

I often get slumped with daily life, I forget the reasons what mean the most! Over the years I've met some amazing people, some that have helped me though my darkest hours. Though my phases of Facebook games darn you mafia wars and hatchlings to entering competitions. 

I've always found it pretty hard to express how I feel, I've found a way now. Writing! 

Over the past few months, I've had to face some dark demons & actually re-think about myself, my family and my state of mind.  I want to write here the amazing online support I have had from people I will never likely to meet. I just want to thank you for every smile you make me do, for every joke you write, the memes & the loving messages. 

The last few weeks have been hard with a lot of my online friends, some who I can never actually do to help, but I hope the words can help and relive some of the pain in time. One of these friends of mine it the most beautiful and brave lady, that I would love to of met. She had been poorly for a long time in and out of hospital & I imagination in a great deal of pain. What is so amazing about this lady is that I never saw her moan about anything that she was going though, she cherished every breath and every hour she had longer with her family.  She was a joker always with the silly statues and pictures, she did love a good chuckle! She would openly share pictures of herself in hospital with tubes everywhere, to say she will not be beaten and that she will be taking a hell lot of more breaths. Sadly this inspirational women passed away today on her 55th Birthday. 

" Heather I'm really going to miss you & I hope your celebration of life you so gratefully loved will live on. You have made me realise that I have everything I need right here and now, my health, nothing else matters. You have truly made me smile throughout the years - Thank you. I really hope you are in peace now. RIP and sleep tight" 

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