Monday, 5 November 2012

Hot Dots Jr. Review

I struggle with getting Raiden to do learning things at home, he will easily draw, colour, stick or paint, but sometimes even keywords is a chore. 

I was very happy to be sent the Hot Dots Jr from Learning Resources. We got the  Hot Dots Jr numbers and counting cards and the Hot Dots Pen to test out. 

The cards come in a lovely Velcro fasting box, with a handle  so its easy to take around the pen can also fit in the box to keep safe. In the box there is 36 cards & the age range is 3-7 years. 

The way this works is by putting the hot dots pen on the correct answer. Simply touch the interactive pen to a Hot Dot and the Talking Hot Dots Pen responds instantly with a green light and positive sounds. Incorrect answers receive a red light and a gentle wrong sound or phrase.

The cards are bold and bright and it's very easy to use & follow. Me and Raiden have enjoyed doing this activity one to one. He knew most of he's numbers already but its been fun matching them and using to cards to try and think of what letters some of the cards start with and spell them out. He even took them in for his show and tell at school and impressed his teacher. 

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