Friday, 16 November 2012

Appliances Online Belling Cooker Review

Even though our old cooker wasn't that old (5 years) it was falling apart. The 
ignition had gone a few years back and we had to manually light it. The front glass door would pop out to which was pretty dangerous. So we was thrilled to be asked to review a spanking new Belling electric cooker! 

Got to admit I was really worried about changing from gas to electric, I had some things that electric wasn't too great for cooking.  The switch has actually been really simple.

Appliances Online was very good they phoned me up to arrange delivery & gave me a time slot. They phoned again on the day, to remind me it was coming.
The delivery guys was really nice and didn't question the flat stairs they had to lug the cooker up. 

I was really pleased with how easy and simple the cooker is too use, nothing fancy that gets complicated. It's taken the same amount of time to cook things in the oven, as our gas one did.  The cooker is really compact to and doesn't take a lot of space up which s a big bonus too. 

While the 22 litre top oven gives you conventional heat, you’re also getting fan heat in the larger 48 litre main oven. Fan cooking makes every part of the oven the same temperature, so your food cooks quicker and more evenly. Very handy for saving time on your cooking. Though for more traditional dishes the conventional heat is what gives you that home-made, golden finish to it. The top of the oven gets hotter than the bottom, making it perfect for pies, crumbles and even roast chickens too.

Both ovens have earned an A rating for energy use, making them very cheap to run. It’ll help you save money on your bills while the easy clean enamel coating helps you save time on your chores. The smooth enamel surface inside both ovens stops grease and fat from clinging to the sides. It makes cleaning much easier and you won’t have to spend money on expensive cleaning sprays either.

On top of the cooker is the solid plate hob with 4 individual heat zones. They come in different sizes, letting you easily match the zone to your various size pans – you won’t need to use big spaces for small pans and have heat escaping around the sides. 

I would never off looked at a Electric cooker before and now I'm utterly thrilled with it.

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