Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The All Occasion Sweet Shop Retro Sweetie Jar Review

So come on who doesn't like sweets hey! Are you looking for something for Christmas, for a special someone or that person who you never know what to buy for? I think I may have the answer the All Occasion Sweet Shop!

The All Occasion Sweet Shop is a family-run business which represents an on-line version of our earlier old fashioned sweet shop based in Lancashire.

When they opened our original sweet shop it was the intention of providing people locally with somewhere great to visit which would evoke wonderful childhood memories.

Throughout the 1960`s and 70`s the shop itself, known then as `Old Fred`s Toffee Shop`, had been a favourite calling place of one of the older partners now of the All Occasion Sweet Shop.

When Old Fred sadly passed away in the 1980`s the shop progressed through various ownerships and various trades until, in the late 1990`s, we were lucky enough to buy the shop ourselves and to set about restoring it to its former glory as a good old fashioned sweet shop.

The huge success of this business over the years is what has led us now into the magical world of on-line trading, but our philosophy in running the business remains exactly the same as Old Fred`s philosophy all those years ago .... brighten up the dullest of days ……. to put a smile on the face of all who visit us ……. and to help make and revive some wonderful memories !!

After looking on the website the serious have something for everyone!

 Sweet Hampers starting from as little as £12.94 

 Sweetie Jars  from £4.99

Tons of retro sweets, some of my old favourites, pineapple cubes & vice versers - yummmm!

We got sent the awesome Retro Sweetie Jar that had flying saucers, black jacks, fruit salads, scrimps, bananas, giant Parma violets ( drool) & a double lolly. It had a nice selection of sweets in there and comes with a nice reusable jar to keep afterwards. 

OK Santa - I've been a good girl can I have this please On The Top Of Brummie Mummys List


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