Saturday, 13 October 2012

Garden Games - Mega Hi-Tower Game Review

I am always trying to get Raiden to play games as a family it was become quite a task when he gets bored so easily. Garden Games asked if I would like to review the mega high tower game, which I thought would be perfect for us. 

When the box came it was pretty heavy. I actually forgot how heavy wood can be. We did actually play the smaller version of jenga with Raiden before and he knew what it was before I got it out the bag. 

The Garden Games  Mega Hi-Tower  in a Bag includes a smaller version of the very popular Garden Games Hi-Tower and a carry bag for the game. The sturdy Carry Bag is also a great way to store the game away when not in use as the whole Tower packs away into the bag and zips closed. The Garden Games Mega Hi-Tower consists of 58 blocks measuring 18cm in length making this impressive game really GIANT. Designed as a lightweight unit to be carried around, this makes it a popular choice for parties and get barbecues. The next tower up in size is the Giant Tower

We set it up three times before it actually stayed up as little miss thought it was a game of knock it down as fast as you can. Raiden absolutely loves it we have played it every night since its came. I love how its massive and it will be great to take to grandads to play in the garden too. 

The kids have been using there imagination and the bricks have became all sorts houses, boats, castles and even the Great Wall of china! So not just a fab game but a multi purpose tool for imaginative play too. 

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