Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cewe Photobook Review

I love photobooks, I think there an awesome way to put a group of photos together instead of hundreds of photos. I was delighted to be asked to review a Cewe Photobook 

Generally for me putting a photobook takes me ages to put together and it's something I have to do & come back too. One thing for next time I am going to put a selection if 50 favourtive photos in a folder, so I don't so end hours looking though a million photo folders on the laptop. 

The site and uploading was pretty easy to use, you download the program and away you go. I tried to keep the book as plain as I can as I like the photos to explain themselves. They was lots of fonts, colours and backgrounds to choose from on the site. We used the glossy effect which has made the pictures really stand out. 

Even though I added pictures to all pages, there is a few blank pages when the book came. Which I'm gonna add hand prints or artwork to make it look least odd. Another thing was when I had used other sites before and used the soft front cover opinion the book has come and it's a squishy front cover this one was just a standard book cover. Overall it's a nice pleasant keepsake for all the family to enjoy for years to come! 

Prices start from £5.99, so there is options for all budgets. 

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