Saturday, 1 September 2012

Clarks back to school

Clarks’ new Back to School shoes have hit the shelves and the 2012 collection is more stylish than ever. Kids will love the on-trend styling and parents will be pleased to see that for Clarks, style comes hand in hand with substance. Every child can have a one-on-one measuring appointment in store with a Clarks’ expert fitter to guarantee the perfect fit that Clarks kids shoes are known and loved for.

We went armed on Friday, we had an appointment so I went and mentioned it to the lady at the till. Where we was told to wait by the kids shoes and she someone would be with us shortly. We was pretty much seen straight away. I was secretly happy as there was quite a few people waiting with tickets in there.

Raidens feet was measured by the machine, and quite surprised he had only gone up half a size and we was asked what shoes we liked. We always go for Clarks as some of the designs have the thick rubber bit on the front. Raiden always scuffs the top part of the shoe, so we only like this style as it a normal pair would last five minutes. 

The lady went off and came back with two boxes, when she came back she said they only had two pairs in he's size. Which I was pretty shocked about as its the week before school. When I mentioned this, her reply was well it is a few days before school now. Which made me feel really small, I'm the parent and I should still have the choice of selection that a parent going in the first week of the summer holidays.  We ended up going up a half a size bigger with a smaller fitting, to get the style we wanted. The assistant was pretty good with double checking that the width, deep and size was OK and correct and mentioned if we had any problems to bring them straight back. Which we was very pleased with in the end.

The Back to School range is the epitome of playground style – for kids everywhere, and their parents too, this is a collection that successfully combines style, fun, originality and, of course, the kind of durability that delivers exceptional value for money.

Clarks’ are now offering customers an online appointment booking service for their famous in-store fitting process to make parents preparation for the school term even easier

 In addition, parents can also order their school shoes online at to be delivered to their local store or straight to their door, completely hassle free.

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