Thursday, 2 August 2012

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Foam - Shocking!

I've been colouring my hair since I was about 13, I remember my mom agreeing to let me put two blue streaks in the front of my hair with semi permanent and that was it my hair has been every colour of the rainbow..

I've been using SchwarzkopfLiveColorXXL for nearly six years and always love The vibrant colours... Until now!! 

I wanted to share my feelings on the new shake it foam with my readers as I'm utterly shocked and angry that a product could be this bad. It's totally put me off ever using there products again. 

I also wanted to share the awful customer service too, as I emailed them on the 22nd July with my problems and never got a response from them, so it seems even us long term customers they aren't bothered to deal with complaints.

Here was was problems, please add to the comments if any of you have had problems too.

1. The foam is so messy to use, when I've used the normal colour before I've always been able to get the dye of my head and ears with a gentle scrub. The foam took three days to get off despite me using a nail brush! 

2. When caught out in the rain earlier in the week, it made my hair bleed all down my face ruining my top I had on. Never has this happened to me an I've been using hair dye for over 15 years.

3. Still after four weeks the bath water is still a shocking red, which has stained my bath too surely this isn't normal for FOUR weeks after?? 


  1. :O this is terrible ...been doing my hair a loooooong time....wont be trying these!

  2. Replies
    1. I have to say the hubby used a red shade of one of these a few weeks ago and didn't have any problems, Perhaps it was a duff pack?

  3. I wasn't that impressed. I don't get on well with home hair dye, I'm impatient, clumsy and messy but this did take a particularly long time to stop turning the bath a shade of pinky red. I don't think I'll use it again.