Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ravensburger Mini Memory Game

I'm always looking for ways to help Raiden to keep he's brain active, we was asked to try out the new mini memory game from Ravensburger

Mini memory is a set of 48 high quality memory picture cards, making 24 pairs. What I liked about this game is you can use as many of the cards as you like so for the older ones you would use the 48 cards and for the littler ones you could use just 10-18 cards to make it varied to suit different ages and abilities.  The cards feature different images of the feature charters which are made from sturdy high quality card, laminated on both sides with a colour print. 

Raiden loved playing and trying to remember where they all was, he even tryed to cheat when I wasn't looking... Cheeky boy! There a fab way to build confidence, memory & patience, Raiden isn't very patient and this game has kept him very content and calm while paying. Apart from he's baby sister trying to eat the cards. We have made it a game that we do when he's sister is now taking a little nap! 

Ive now promised to buy him the moshi monster memory set, as I know he will play it and keep that brain ticking over! 

Ravenburger have just brought out lots of new designs including  Moshi Monsters, Hello Kitty, Mike the Knight and the Octonauts, Minnie Mouse & Disney princesses so depending on your children's favourite cartoon there’s something for everyone here.

The game retails at around £5.00 is the perfect travelling size to take on holiday, or out and about! 

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