Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hairslides, Bobbles And All Pretty Things

I'm getting pretty frustrated with hairbands/bobbles & hair slides at the moment. I seem to put them in Lexie's hair, then i look again and disappeared. Her favourite trick is to fling them out of the pushchair when we are out, i wouldn't mind but they cost a fortune and its not very impressive when she looks like Annie either.

I decided to buy some ribbon, glue and grips and make my own. i was shocked at how little they cost to make considering i have been paying £1.50- £2 a clip. At least this way i not too fussed if they get lost an i can match her outfits up with bows too. 

Here are some of my attempts so far, there not perfect but its a big learning curve im hoping to get smaller ribbon and test out a few more shapes of bows.

Ive also made a clip holder to add all her pretty things on so we dont loose anymore too :)

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