Thursday, 9 August 2012

Favourite Photos

I've actually never looked at photos the way I do now, I understand now why my mom and nan was always snapping away when me and my sister was kids.

I've found it very hard to choose just one picture for this.

My son had been waiting ages for he's baby sister to come, he used to ask everyday when she would arrive. We read all the big brother books, he helped pick and sort things for her too. If anyone asked he would say he was excited to see he's baby sister, called Mollie. 
We actually gave her that as her middle name in the end. 

After all that waiting, he arrived at the hospital to see her and hid under the hospital bed and refused to come out, even to see me. I'm not sure if it was because he had never been in a hospital before or that he hadn't seen me for a few days but I was gobsmacked. 

The day after he came to hospital and was very excited to see us both, which is where this picture is from. As from then he is very protective of he's sister.

I absolutely love this moment of them together.  It is actually so priceless! 

This post is my entry into the The Day That photo competition


  1. That is completely gorgeous! How tender and loving.

    Thanks for joining in