Friday, 31 August 2012

CuddleUpPets Blanket Review

Both of my kids have had comfort things for there bedtime. My son and he's tags & Lexie seems to like a pillow on her tummy. The both have to be under the cover even if it's hot.

We loved the look of the new CuddleUpPets they are huge ( 39″ x 28″ ) 
and very soft blankets which come in six cute cuddly unique characters:  

Yellow puppy
Pink poodle
Purple monkey
Green crocodile
Blue elephant
Brown bear

We got sent Blue elephant it was mega soft, CuddleUpPets double up as a puppet so you just pop your hand in the head and instant they are instant entertainment for playtime too, then are great for bedtime.

Little Lexie was thrilled with elephant she drags him around by he's nose the poor thing. The blanket can be washed in the machine on a cold wash which is good as Lexie tried to feed her new friend some jam on toast! Yum!

She's started to take him to bed now, I think she likes to be covered up in the softness off the blanket even I like to cuddle u in the morning with it too. 

From 18mths+ and RRP is £19.99 and available from Toys R Us & Amazon 

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