Friday, 31 August 2012

CuddleUpPets Blanket Review

Both of my kids have had comfort things for there bedtime. My son and he's tags & Lexie seems to like a pillow on her tummy. The both have to be under the cover even if it's hot.

We loved the look of the new CuddleUpPets they are huge ( 39″ x 28″ ) 
and very soft blankets which come in six cute cuddly unique characters:  

Yellow puppy
Pink poodle
Purple monkey
Green crocodile
Blue elephant
Brown bear

We got sent Blue elephant it was mega soft, CuddleUpPets double up as a puppet so you just pop your hand in the head and instant they are instant entertainment for playtime too, then are great for bedtime.

Little Lexie was thrilled with elephant she drags him around by he's nose the poor thing. The blanket can be washed in the machine on a cold wash which is good as Lexie tried to feed her new friend some jam on toast! Yum!

She's started to take him to bed now, I think she likes to be covered up in the softness off the blanket even I like to cuddle u in the morning with it too. 

From 18mths+ and RRP is £19.99 and available from Toys R Us & Amazon 

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hairslides, Bobbles And All Pretty Things

I'm getting pretty frustrated with hairbands/bobbles & hair slides at the moment. I seem to put them in Lexie's hair, then i look again and disappeared. Her favourite trick is to fling them out of the pushchair when we are out, i wouldn't mind but they cost a fortune and its not very impressive when she looks like Annie either.

I decided to buy some ribbon, glue and grips and make my own. i was shocked at how little they cost to make considering i have been paying £1.50- £2 a clip. At least this way i not too fussed if they get lost an i can match her outfits up with bows too. 

Here are some of my attempts so far, there not perfect but its a big learning curve im hoping to get smaller ribbon and test out a few more shapes of bows.

Ive also made a clip holder to add all her pretty things on so we dont loose anymore too :)

Mic-O-Mic Review

Raiden loves anything that is Construction wise, he normally has zero patience but when it comes to building things he oozes it he will try and try until he gets it right. 

We was very excited to be asked to test and review mic o mic from dkltoys. I had never heard of this  brand before so it was exciting receive to test it out.

Mic-O-Mic  is the unique new construction toy where you create colourful models from quality, pre-formed plastic components using an innovative press stud pin connector system. It's actually pretty easy!!

Mic o mic is aged from 5+ and Raiden was five in February. He coped quite well with the building and matching up the pins and colours together, there was a few tricky parts that I had to help with.

Raiden was pretty impressed with the end result. The sailing boat he loved to pieces, he was straight it the bath after he had finished it as the sailing boat floats in the water too.. Really cool hey! 

The models are strong and durable when assembled and can be taken apart and re-made over and over again. 

The only problem the car seemed to loose the wheels easy I think the pins would be better at the bottom to hold it better rather than just a push in piece. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Family Holiday

We went on our first family holiday last week, after a tough few months. I think it's what we'll needed to get away. I can't say it was very relaxing with two small kiddies, but it was lovely to spend time together as a family.

We did lots together including swimming everyday, which has prompted us to now start going every week with them. 

We went to the beach a few times which we was able to just let the kids run around free. 

The Pontin's characters Lexie took a shine too,especially the ostrich called Flo! 

We had a great time and are already looking forward to going again next year! 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Ravensburger Mini Memory Game

I'm always looking for ways to help Raiden to keep he's brain active, we was asked to try out the new mini memory game from Ravensburger

Mini memory is a set of 48 high quality memory picture cards, making 24 pairs. What I liked about this game is you can use as many of the cards as you like so for the older ones you would use the 48 cards and for the littler ones you could use just 10-18 cards to make it varied to suit different ages and abilities.  The cards feature different images of the feature charters which are made from sturdy high quality card, laminated on both sides with a colour print. 

Raiden loved playing and trying to remember where they all was, he even tryed to cheat when I wasn't looking... Cheeky boy! There a fab way to build confidence, memory & patience, Raiden isn't very patient and this game has kept him very content and calm while paying. Apart from he's baby sister trying to eat the cards. We have made it a game that we do when he's sister is now taking a little nap! 

Ive now promised to buy him the moshi monster memory set, as I know he will play it and keep that brain ticking over! 

Ravenburger have just brought out lots of new designs including  Moshi Monsters, Hello Kitty, Mike the Knight and the Octonauts, Minnie Mouse & Disney princesses so depending on your children's favourite cartoon there’s something for everyone here.

The game retails at around £5.00 is the perfect travelling size to take on holiday, or out and about! 

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Smencils Scented Pencils Review

Raiden loves to draw and doodle pictures, so i was happy to be asked to test out these new fab scented pencils. I remember having a scratch and sniff book, one of those which you had two sniffs and the smell would disappear. These pencils seem like the scent is here to stay they smell just like they have come out of the pack and they have been used over 8 times now. Raiden loves he's new pencils and the favourite is Apple. He has asked to do drawing for the past three days and wants to buy a new pencil case to put them in too.

Smencils brought to you by educational toy manufacturer Learning Resources are the world’s only scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper! Each Smencil stores in its own biodegradable tube, guaranteeing freshness for two years 

They have teamed up with Robinsons and created five familiar fruit shoot flavours!

Summer Fruits
Blackcurrant & Apple

Learning Resources also have a  fab new Facebook competition found HERE 

The Smencils RRP is £4.99 and are available from Learning Resources.

Poppy Cat Birthday Treasure And Other Adventures DVD

We was thrilled to be asked to watch and review the brand new first time Poppy Cat DVD. We love cartoons in our house. We love having movie days where we put a DVD, get the duvets out and have some yummy popcorn.

Both of the kids loved the music which grabbed there attention right away and they both sat and watched poppy cat contented too.

‘Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures’
available from 3rd September 2012


“A cheery new animation series for young children”
Sunday Times Culture Magazine

“Poppy Cat is the soothing soundtrack to your feeble attempt at a weekend lie-in”
Guardian Guide

“At just 11 minutes (per episode), it would be hard to resist ”
Daily Record

Lionsgate presents Poppy Cat.  The lovable hit pre-school series on Nick Jr and CITV is available to own on DVD for the first time ever in ‘Birthday Treasure and Other Adventures’.  The fun begins on 3rd Septemberwith 11 episodes (over two hours) of non-stop family entertainment.

Voiced by Gavin & Stacey star, Joanna Page, Poppy Cat is a great new British children’s animation based on the best-selling books by author Lara Jones, which have sold in excess of 2.5 million copies.

This bumper Poppy Cat DVD also offers something extra special for all of the family. The adventurous orange cat herself has teamed up with Chessington World of Adventures Resort. With any DVD purchase, families will receive a buy one get one free voucher into the Park. If, like Poppy Cat, you enjoy the thrill of making everyday adventures extraordinary, then look no further than this exciting DVD.

The Poppy Cat series is a celebration of adventure as Poppy Cat and her friends embark on fanciful journeys through fantastical lands. Told with humour and great heart, these stories give children a glimpse of their own potential for imaginative play and creativity.

For more information on the pre-school series and DVD launch, please visit, or become a fan of Poppy Cat’s on Facebook ( or Twitter (


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Capture The Colour

Travel supermarket are holding a great competition for bloggers, They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, rather than asking you to write a five thousand word blog post, we're inviting you to produce a blog post with up to 5 photos that really do 'Capture the Colour'.

We're looking for bloggers to publish a blog post with a photo that captures the following 5 colours - Blue, Green, Yellow, White and Red.

 I love taking little snapshots of days out. I love to look back and remember about our times together as a family. I'm basing my entry on my memories.

Blue - Taken after a day out at the park, it was a very gorgeous day, sun was shinning so we decided to take a walk down the canal.  

Green - Grabbing some yummy blackberries on the way home, after a fun day out, i was hoping to make a pie, but they was eaten as soon as we got home. 

Yellow - My sons first growing experience, he's beautiful sunflower.

White - This one is pretty special, this is what we woke up to on christmas morning. The First christmas without my partners dad and my sons grandad. The garden was so perfect and pretty

Red- The first time away with our daughter. We took a trip to Legoland.

This is my entry to competition.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cake in a mug

I originally saw this over on a fellow bloggers blog:

And thought I had to make these! After looking on fellow google there is quite a few recipes and one without eggs ( which was good as we haven't got any in) hehe. 

2 tbsp plain flour 
2 tbsp sugar 
1 tbsp cocoa power
1 tbsp vegetable oil 
2 tbsp water 
Pinch of salt 

We also added a few chocolate chips.

1. Place all dry ingredients in a mug, add the oil and water.

2. Stir until thoroughly combined. 

3. Put in microwave and  cook on highest settings for about a minute and a half.

That's it!! You can eat it hot or cold we added some chocolate ice cream. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Favourite Photos

I've actually never looked at photos the way I do now, I understand now why my mom and nan was always snapping away when me and my sister was kids.

I've found it very hard to choose just one picture for this.

My son had been waiting ages for he's baby sister to come, he used to ask everyday when she would arrive. We read all the big brother books, he helped pick and sort things for her too. If anyone asked he would say he was excited to see he's baby sister, called Mollie. 
We actually gave her that as her middle name in the end. 

After all that waiting, he arrived at the hospital to see her and hid under the hospital bed and refused to come out, even to see me. I'm not sure if it was because he had never been in a hospital before or that he hadn't seen me for a few days but I was gobsmacked. 

The day after he came to hospital and was very excited to see us both, which is where this picture is from. As from then he is very protective of he's sister.

I absolutely love this moment of them together.  It is actually so priceless! 

This post is my entry into the The Day That photo competition

Week 2 Of The Holidays

Well last week saw us in to a very wet week 2 of the summer holidays.

We dodged the rain and managed to get to a local nature centre, it was a fun day out. Lexie really enjoyed looking at the animals.

We went to a huge play area and the park in between the showers. 

Raiden has been doing lots of drawings and he did a lovely picture of a peacock too! 

This week, we have been making rice crispy cakes and yummy waffles....mmmmmm

Monday, 6 August 2012

My FIrst JCB Playset Review

We was thrilled to be able to test out the 1st JCB playset from golden bear, Raiden loves anything cars/diggers. I was quite pleased that it was only on a few parts that I could assemble with Raidens help and he popped the stickers on all by himself. So it was pretty straight forward if a five year old could do it. There is nothing more frustrating  when there is a hundred pieces together and you have a very excited child. 

Busy, on-site construction action with Charlie Crane, Joey JCB and the Site Foreman. This rugged, child-powered playset features a working talking crane with a giant crab claw and wrecking ball, bricks to stack and knock down, barrels to transport and load and it even comes with a turntable, ramps, a tunnel and garage to keep Joey JCB on his game. 

It's a 360 adventure for little builders and wreckers everywhere! For the ultimate in construction play combine your Charlie Crane with the new On Site Rock Loader Playset for a fully interactive JCB experience.

Raiden loved the part where you could knock done the wall, he used he's other cars to slide down the ramps and was very content in playing with the playset.  The set is 2 years+ I do think it suits maybe 3+ years as I think the plastic is slightly on the thin side. Raiden has heavy hands and I was worried about it snapping.  I think it's a playset that will give years of fun and  suit older children too.

The Playset RRP is  £34.99 & i think if it was more sturdy it would be a great price. 

There is also any additional rock loader set which goes alongside Charlie crane too.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pink Lining Prize Draw

The lovely ladies at pink lining have given me not one but two gorgeous bottle holders for my fans.

Pink Lining London was established in 2001 by husband and wife team, Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. Pink Lining is the international family lifestyle label. famous for the signature ' yummy mummy' changing bag that aims to put the smile and design into practicality by making the usually mundane paraphernalia of parenting covetable.

To Win a bottle holder please fill in the form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Teething Bling Bubblegum Pendant

My poor baby girl sees to be having two teeth at a time pop though, you can here her grinding her teeth together at the moment. 

We absolutely love teething bling already we was sent the Bubblegum Pink Donut Shaped Pendant to test out. The pendants are made food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone which come in a variety of colours and patterns.  Which  is similar to basic teething toy

 I like the concept of being able to wear jewellery, without worrying if  it's going to get pulled or chewed on and left with teeth marks in. Baby can happily play and chew without worry with teething bling. They also come with a break away clasp for a safety measure too.

Lexie loves the necklace and it keeps her happy and entertained when out and about too. 

Safety-reminder: these pendants are intended for adults to wear. Please do not place the pendants ON your child

Friday, 3 August 2012

Chokablok Review

 I would of been total crazy to say no to test out some yummy chocolate.  I was sent out a lot of yummy Chokablok - Cookie Crumb Mon-Star, Gold Digger Dynamite, The Chocolate Extremist, The Rocky Road of Love & ChokaBlok Gift Box.

Well everyone dug in and it's a very rich but creamy chocolate, you only need a bit of  it to satifasty a craving. All the chocolate is topped with treats and is soft centred.  I was surpised by the price of it £1.59 seems a bit much for a small bar, but as its very rich and topped with lots of goodies. I could only eat half of the bar. Which is surpising considering normaly I was eat a huge bar without any problems. 

I'm a sucker for white chocolate so the cookie crumb mon- star was my favourtive , while the kids loved the rocky road of love & the other half liked the gold digger dynamite best. 

Cookie Crumb Mon-Star: Reach for the stars in every bite. The perfect combination of smooth and creamy white chocolate with a swirl of milk chocolate, loaded with crunchy shortcake biscuit balls, and finished off with dark cookie crumbs and milk chocolate stars

The Chocolate Extremist: Indulge your inner chocoholic with The Chocolate Extremist. Not for the faint hearted, this chocolate blok is crammed with smooth milk chocolate swirled with rich dark chocolate, crunchy brownie pieces and milk chocolate malty balls.

Gold Digger Dynamite: Set your taste buds alight with this explosive treat. Chok-full of milk chocolate caramel cups and chunks of sweet honeycomb surrounded by milk and white chocolate, swirled together in a chunky blok.

The Rocky Road of Love: A blok for true romantics, the ChokaBlok chefs have created a divine mix of milk chocolate loaded with dark chocolate hearts, crunchy shortcake biscuit balls and mini marshmallows finished with a drizzle of dark chocolate.

The gift box Is little bite sized treats of the four flavours which go well if your just having a night in with friends or would go fantastic as a tea party treat too.

I had never heard of of chokablok before, but its got to be one of my favourtives now. Yum! 

Chokablok is available at Tesco stores. 

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Schwarzkopf Live Color XXL Foam - Shocking!

I've been colouring my hair since I was about 13, I remember my mom agreeing to let me put two blue streaks in the front of my hair with semi permanent and that was it my hair has been every colour of the rainbow..

I've been using SchwarzkopfLiveColorXXL for nearly six years and always love The vibrant colours... Until now!! 

I wanted to share my feelings on the new shake it foam with my readers as I'm utterly shocked and angry that a product could be this bad. It's totally put me off ever using there products again. 

I also wanted to share the awful customer service too, as I emailed them on the 22nd July with my problems and never got a response from them, so it seems even us long term customers they aren't bothered to deal with complaints.

Here was was problems, please add to the comments if any of you have had problems too.

1. The foam is so messy to use, when I've used the normal colour before I've always been able to get the dye of my head and ears with a gentle scrub. The foam took three days to get off despite me using a nail brush! 

2. When caught out in the rain earlier in the week, it made my hair bleed all down my face ruining my top I had on. Never has this happened to me an I've been using hair dye for over 15 years.

3. Still after four weeks the bath water is still a shocking red, which has stained my bath too surely this isn't normal for FOUR weeks after??