Thursday, 12 July 2012

Raa Raa The Noisey Little Lion

Well Lexie is a fan of Raa Raa, as soon as she hears the theme tune she's straight at the TV. So I knew she would absolutely love the Raa Raa new toy.

 The toy is aged 18mths plus but Raiden who is five enjoys playing and roaring along too!  Push down on Raa Raa's head and he crouches down ready to pounce! Let go and Raa Raa will let loose a roar as he wobbles and shakes and stands back upright again. Raa Raa's roar changes depending on how long you press him down. Hours of fun!  

it's slightly on the pricey side I thought at £27.97 for a soft toy, but given the extra features of it being interactive.  It's been a big hit with both of the kids who have been roaring back at Raa Raa.  

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