Monday, 30 July 2012

Okiedog changing bag & Clipix Review

I absolutely love getting the chance to review so many different brands. I love getting something that I've never heard of and loving the product.  

When my son was little I think I must of gone though three changing bags before he's first birthday. I learned from this and after the birth of my second got a dearer one which is still in one piece. 

 I had never heard of the brand Okiedog before I got sent a gorgeous urban mondo bag in deep purple... Wow the colour is amazing, the bag is really roomy and thick, but the bag is also very lightweight too with an extra thick strap that you can carry without it digging in. It's packed with a mass amount of pockets there is loads. I like pockets, as I like to have handgel, snacks, purse, nappy sacks all in different pockets. There is a cool hook inside to pop your keys on too, so that saves you looking around in e bag for your keys. 

 I tend to use my changing bag as my bag, Lexie's & Raidens if we are all out together and this has masses of room for the whole family. This is gonna prove awesome of the holidays and I can pop a bottle of pop in the pockets, along with extra top and suncream for both the kids. 

The changing bag sits nice over the pushchair handles and doesn't bang on your knees while pushing the stroller.  

 We also got sent a Clipix, which is a cool little LED light you attach the the pushchair  With the clipx flashlight you can have it both ways, increased safety due to the blinking LEDS on the front and back, and a powerful flashlight.  Pressing the on the on/off button converts the the clipix light from a flashing safety device into a powerful flashlight.  3 bright white LED on the front and 3 RED Led at the rear make it possible.  

Thanks to the clipix system the flashlight can be attached and removed with only one “click”.  This will come in handy when crossing the roads in the winter, what a great way of keeping safe with a pushchair.  

Please check out the fab Okiedog site here

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  1. Thanks for the review, i've been looking at getting the Bliss Celeb Tote bag, i think you may have pushed me just a little bit more to get it :) x