Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Llama Baked Snacks

Ay carumba! Are you fed up with eating the same old boring snacks?  Are you repulsed by ready salted and put off by peanuts?

Enter Llama’s – the new tasty baked bites, on a misión to rid the world of boring snacks. 

Made from whole-wheat and oven baked for plenty of crunch, the llama-shaped savoury snacks are available in three punchy, delicious flavours, set to revolutionise taste buds:

-          Chomp on feisty BBQ(ooh)
-          Munch on tangy cheese
-          Crunch and get busy with sweet chili
Whilst tempting to munch on your own, Llama’s conveniently come in handy sharing bags – perfect to get your amigos in on the misión too.

For more information on Llama’s plans for taking over the snacking world, read his crunch time blog at or join the herd @llamasnacks on Twitter or on Facebook.

Llama’s are available in 150g bags from Tesco stores nationwide and at, priced at £1.69.

The Llama-shaped savoury bites are all made from whole-wheat and oven baked for plenty of crunch, giving them a really nice health edge and being a great option to crisps and other unhealthy snacks that’s out there.

Got to admit i had never heard of these until now. Im always trying to find more healthy snacks for the kids or just something to add along side a sandwich and salad. These are fab and the kids love them too packed with lots of flavour! 

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