Monday, 30 July 2012

Jenny Craig Review

I was thrilled to be asked to test and review the Jenny Craig plan diet meals delivered to your door. I've struggled with my weight since my daughter was born, I've not had the motivation to get up and go I start off good then it goes downhill fast.  

They was quickly delivered all together, the box was massive and was filled with lots of packets.  Included is a meal plan and a book full of useful information.  The paperwork confused me a bit, but I started following the meal plan the next day.

 I think it would be a good idea to add in to the pack not to start it until you have spoken to your Jenny Craig consultant, as it's easy to get mixed up with the whole meal plan. I was confused why I had noodles with different sauces three days in a row. I'm very fussy with having the same food the next day or even week sometimes. The proteins on the forms had things like cottage cheese and tuna so I just went without as I was trying to stick to the plan.  It wasn't until I spoke to the consultant that you can switch the days and proteins which are all listed on a different sheet. 

 Got to admit the first two days was awful, I've never been so hungry before. The portion sizes was tiny. So I know I had been having large portions at home.  I had struggled a lot with the dinners as I found them watery and very bland, after speaking to the consultant I was able to add pepper and herbs with helped a little. The meals left a garlic taste in my mouth too, but I couldn't taste it in the food. 

 My first week on the diet I lost -7lbs, which was amazing

Week 2 started off better, I was told to drink more water. I'm not a great drinker which has me thinking now maybe I'm eating when I'm actually thirsty rather that hungry. I had a few hiccups on that week as I had been hugely missing my bread, I eat bread all the time it's something I can't live without. The meals and portions got easier I knew what I could and couldn't have.

Second week I lost -2lbs, which made a total of -9lbs. 

I know the Jenny Craig diet plan wasn't for me, I think it's the whole someone planning my meals which I didn't like too, I would of liked to of choose my own plan and has it sent rather of someone else. The prices put me off a bit too as I think I could feed my whole family on the price of the plan. Maybe for a working mom or business women  it would suit as they are handy just to pop in a bag and go. 

 I can't fault my consultant as she was amazing with lots of handy tips for me. I've learnt a lot in the two weeks of Jenny Craig and the main one is yes I can do it if I try. 

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  1. Does seem rather pricey, congrats on weight loss though xx