Saturday, 14 July 2012

Blue Apple Books Reviews

Raiden is a massive lover of books, we always have bedtime stories i think its pretty important to settle him before he sleeps. We got a selection of fantastic Blue Apple Books sent for us to review.

Bears Underwear Mystery is a hardback counting book, where younger readers follow the engaging character of Bear as he is invited to join a hunt for underpants across the book in various patterns and colours – one with blue stripes, number four is purple plaid, and so on. Moving from spooky woods to sunny parkland, kitchen sink, the garden, this is a delightful book, giving children the opportunity to count as well as the opportunity to giggle as they say ‘knickers’ or ‘underwear’ – a winning combination. Raiden loved this book he thought it was hilarious. I liked the fact it was hardback and really colourful, small and easy to hold.

Dinosaurs tackles a favourite subject for any small boy. In hardback, with flip and fold-out pages this is a colourful journey of discovery for any child interested in the e giant lizards – and which young child isn’t? Each page opens out to give a glimpse of part of a dinosaur – spiked tail, beaked head, armour covered back – with the reader asked to guess which dinosaur this is. By opening the fold-out flaps, the dinosaur is revealed, with the name, making this a reference book that can be used again and again by children and adults.

Wow this is a book and a half I've never saw a pop up book, pop up so big. Raiden loved this one, although we have to keep it out the reach of hes baby sister.

Draw and Colour People and Places are two colouring and activity books for younger children teaching them to draw. Any child can hold a pen, pencil or crayon, but creating a picture is another matter, which is easily explained in these books. The beginning pages come with a partially-completed pictures of the human body, and the reader is invited to add the missing pieces – arms, legs, half a body, the head, etc, before moving on to a flip-page arrangement showing examples of various drawings – a robot, boy, girl, mother – and the reader is invited to draw these themselves. There are numerous exercises in each book – adding pets to a person, drawing yourself as a superhero, draw a garage, or a big house for an Elephant, faces on pumpkins for Halloween, fill a park with flowers and trees – to encourage children to be creative, and learn the basics of drawing and colouring. With easy-to-understand instructions, large pages, sturdy construction, cut-outs, split pages, and more these help children connect to the shape of things, and are a perfect learning guide, and also great for long journeys and rainy days! 

These are fantastic and just what Raiden loves to do, hes enjoyed learning about the body and has been drawing lots of different places / transport pictures. He has taken them in to school for all hes friends to see too.

These can be found at local bookstores and Amazon.

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