Sunday, 3 June 2012

White Step Flexibath Toys.

I was very excited to be asked to review the White Step Flexibath bath set. It's very rare I get something that covers both ages of my children, with the four year age gap.

The Flexibath Toys include an ingenious small table which can be attached to all bathtubs by means of the specially designed suction cups. The table offers the child an additional place to play with their favourite bath-time toys while enjoying a bath. 

When we opened the box, firstly we noticed the bright and bold colours. The box contained 2cups, 1 jug, 1 lid and a table. the toys which are soft and fun to play with, which are made from the soft TPE plastic used in the Flexi Bath.

The Flexi Bath Toys are made from PP and TPE and comply with all relevant international standards. Both types of materials are free from PVC, Phthalates, BPA, heavy metals and other harmful and hazardous materials.

My daughter was the first to notice the new toy on the wall and was very eager to climb in to the bath. I loved the squishyness of the cups, they was lovely to hold, there bold and bright colours made them easy to see under the bubbles too. The kids both loved the set and happily played for ages, Raiden thought it was hilarious giving Lexie the cup which the water came out the bottom like a waterfall. The bath toys are a massive hit in our house now and I love how it's all easily stored away on the shelf until next bathime.

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  1. We love the Flexibath bath toys in our household. Guaranteed for hours of fun, both in the bath and out!