Friday, 1 June 2012

We Have Been Growing

Raidens been doing life circles at school. He was all excited to come and tell how tadpoles change in to frogs and caterpillars turn in to butterflies.

Raiden loves nature, he's always picking up ladybirds, worms or trying to catch butterflies.  As we don't have a garden, I decided to grab some grow your own packs.

I would absolutely love a garden where we could grow our own fruit and vegetables. Hopefully one day will be be able too.  The first pack i got was a grass head man, you simply just water and let he's hair grow. One of the reasons I chose this is that its pretty quick growing. 




The second was a Venus fly trap, I thought this would be exciting to see as its like a living plant. We are still waiting for this to shoot, hopefully it wont be long!


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  1. love the little man, so much nicer than the normal sawdust filled netted head.