Tuesday, 12 June 2012

We Are One Years Old

So yesterday saw in our 1st birthday it's doesn't seem a whole year ago I started!  People often ask me why I blog, why I'm so trusting in putting my child's life on the Internet? 

The reason I started blogging was a few reasons but the main one was for MYSELF. It was agreed before we had Lexie was born. I wouldn't be going back to work straight away like I did with Raiden. I would be there to take Raiden to school & I would be the face he sees to pick him up! It actually wouldn't benefit me working either, it wouldn't even cover the childcare costs of both children.
my old job I only worked part time and it meant me not getting in until 7pm on the night. No good really when you ave two small children.

I suffered severe post natal depression with Raiden & I didn't want to suffer this time, so hence the blog! It's here when I need to talk its hear to listen & it knows my true feelings! I have a lot of unpublished  posts which I've just rambled on when I'm down. My blog reminds me everyday how lucky i am to have two beautiful and healthy children as without them I'm nothing.

I hope in the future the kids have a detailed record of things that have made me smile, the things we did together and of cause sharing memories. It's like a detailed photo album online. 

People think I blog for free stuff, it isn't easy as that! Blog posts take time and effort! Redrafting the post, doing pictures, reviewing the item & finding links for the post its actually a lot f work. I've had some amazing opportunities from my blog and I've worked with some amazing big brands. My children have benefited dearly from it and love the extra treats they get thought out the year. It's made me think so much more as a parent too with the choices I make for my children. 

I want to thank all the company's that have donated for my birthday competitions too, it's amazing how many have. 

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