Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Method Cleaning Products

With two young children I'm a bit crazy on my cleaning. We got some Method Sprays to test and try out. I generally just use a multi spray for everything bathroom, kitchen, cooker, toys, doors & windows. 

The first spray sent out was the Daily kitchen clementine kicks grease and food spills clean off without leaving residue in your kitchen put the hurt on dirt with our new range of non-toxic cleaners with powergreen technology. our cleaners have powerful new formula's made with naturally derived surfactants that work by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. First of all I noticed the bigger bottles (828ml) compared to the usual 500ml, so there is a big difference. The fragrance was simple and light and was fab around the kitchen it was good on the top of the cooker and surfaces.

   The second spray was all purpose pink grapefruit spray.  I love the smell of grapefruit ( hate to eat it though ) and the fragrance of this spray is really light and fresh. Plus it's pink that's got I be a bit of a bonus isn't it? As it is an all purpose cleaner it was good on surfaces, the kids toys, tables, doors you name it where ever the kids got there sticky paws!  I liked the fact that I can use it on things that the kids will come into contact with and not stress over harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. As they say on the website, "It is not necessary to rinse a surface after using method's products since the formula's are non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe. With the spray cleaners, simply spray and wipe.

The last spray was the bathroom Eucalyptus & Mint spray. I actually pulled this out and thought I don't thing I've ever used these fragrance to clean before. This ended up being my favourite and I think it's very likely I will carry on using it now! It gives a very crisp & clean smell, it's lovely! I used it on everything in the bathroom and it made everything very clean & sparkly. 

Overall these are great mild smelling sprays, it's made me think of the harsh chemicals in my usual ones and with the kids still small maybe I need to change. All the sprays was easy to wipe off and didn't leave anything sticky. The only downfall for me was the smell went really quick, it doesn't say or linger enough for my liking. Apart from that I can't fault them at all! 

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  1. This should work on me. Product has a good review too.

  2. I love Method's products! My fav is the all purpose cleaner- gentle scented cleaner that is super powerful, it brilliantly cuts through grease and grime on worktops and ceramic hobs. Itís completely streak free and non toxic so is ideal for food preparation surfaces. The packaging is very attractive with an excellent spray mechanism ñ this product certainly gets the thumbs up from me!