Sunday, 17 June 2012

Does Comping Run In The Family??

As some of  you know I'm an avid comper and won some amazing things.

 I hunt kids competitions down and use them as activities for my son. I don't actually tell him it's a competition, just an activity. He has had some pretty good luck and has quite an impressive win list.

Raiden is very eager to do any crafts and loves drawing so it's pretty easy to pick and choose competitions that i know he will enjoy doing.

I use the competitions in the holidays to keep him busy and to help with he's behaviour. Nothing beats the smile I see when he opens a parcel for him, then I tell him why! 

So I thought I would share some of he's wins. 

My favourtive win of all is my stunning Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag, I had my eye on them for ages, but my budget has always said no. There's no way I could justify spending £75 on a changing bag.  The competition was to design a firework picture. Raiden did two as he wanted to do the fireworks whizzing around on the sky then when they explode. He used glitter pens, beads, chalk & sequins. 

One of he's wins was who is Disney cars biggest fan. Raiden has a lot of stuff, so we decided to get it all out and take a picture, he even did a drawing of lighting McQueen. For this he won a £50 Lego set! 

He's won a huge box of sweets from a Hope & greenwood competition for he's fab spider picture. This was a voting competition and I had some good people helping on my team.

A cuddly Moose x2  from sudcreme one for he's fab moose sticking and the other for he's picture of Bruce the moose. 

Mix and match books from caterpillar books for he's mix and match animal.

£25 worth of Funmats Items, he came first place in draw the queen competition.

Cake bombs For he's drawing of a belle cake he wanted for Lexie.

Spooky buddies box set for he's scary picture from Halloween. 

Little dish goodies for he's picture having fun in the snow. 

Tumtum for he's Fantastic colouring in Easter picture. 

Eggs book for he's Easter card.

Then he's impressive pirate Easter egg, won an amazing three prizes. Milkshake DVD, seaword goody bag & some naturally cool products. 

He's latest prize was a gorgeous glow in the dark Miffy bear which he has given to Lexie.

I'm am amazingly so proud of him, he is such a very talented young boy. 


  1. Its good you started him off young! ♥ his mug with the Queen on! I have been quite lucky at times and won lots of things which I have passed on to friends and family that need them and probably couldnt afford them. I recently won a 6ft by 12 ft goal from a toy company for my 7 year old god son - you should have seen his little face. He was overjoyed :). Hopefully when he is playing for Liverpool he'll pay me back! xoxo