Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Method Cleaning Products

With two young children I'm a bit crazy on my cleaning. We got some Method Sprays to test and try out. I generally just use a multi spray for everything bathroom, kitchen, cooker, toys, doors & windows. 

The first spray sent out was the Daily kitchen clementine kicks grease and food spills clean off without leaving residue in your kitchen put the hurt on dirt with our new range of non-toxic cleaners with powergreen technology. our cleaners have powerful new formula's made with naturally derived surfactants that work by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it. First of all I noticed the bigger bottles (828ml) compared to the usual 500ml, so there is a big difference. The fragrance was simple and light and was fab around the kitchen it was good on the top of the cooker and surfaces.

   The second spray was all purpose pink grapefruit spray.  I love the smell of grapefruit ( hate to eat it though ) and the fragrance of this spray is really light and fresh. Plus it's pink that's got I be a bit of a bonus isn't it? As it is an all purpose cleaner it was good on surfaces, the kids toys, tables, doors you name it where ever the kids got there sticky paws!  I liked the fact that I can use it on things that the kids will come into contact with and not stress over harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients. As they say on the website, "It is not necessary to rinse a surface after using method's products since the formula's are non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe. With the spray cleaners, simply spray and wipe.

The last spray was the bathroom Eucalyptus & Mint spray. I actually pulled this out and thought I don't thing I've ever used these fragrance to clean before. This ended up being my favourite and I think it's very likely I will carry on using it now! It gives a very crisp & clean smell, it's lovely! I used it on everything in the bathroom and it made everything very clean & sparkly. 

Overall these are great mild smelling sprays, it's made me think of the harsh chemicals in my usual ones and with the kids still small maybe I need to change. All the sprays was easy to wipe off and didn't leave anything sticky. The only downfall for me was the smell went really quick, it doesn't say or linger enough for my liking. Apart from that I can't fault them at all! 

To see the whole range of products please visit


Smart Buy Glasses Website.

Got to admit, nothing beats putting on a big pair of sunnies on and hiding from the world. Or just hiding them bags after the night feeds.

I came across this fab site smartbuyglasses where they really do have something for everyone. Lots of different coours, designs and something for everyones budget.

I tend to go for oversized glasses as I have a really round face. These are my favourtive from smartbuyglasses plain & sleek but yet simple! Emporio Armani oversized shades. 

Which ones are your favourtives??

Experience Days Competition

Well we have a real treat for you! Up for grabs is an £50 experience voucher.

Experience Days is the home of experience gifts and experience days in the UK. Spoil yourself with a track day driving a Ferrari, maybe pamper yourself or someone special with a spa day or a fantastic flying day! There is a huge choice and something for everyone on there! 


To enter please enter the form below.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Does Comping Run In The Family??

As some of  you know I'm an avid comper and won some amazing things.

 I hunt kids competitions down and use them as activities for my son. I don't actually tell him it's a competition, just an activity. He has had some pretty good luck and has quite an impressive win list.

Raiden is very eager to do any crafts and loves drawing so it's pretty easy to pick and choose competitions that i know he will enjoy doing.

I use the competitions in the holidays to keep him busy and to help with he's behaviour. Nothing beats the smile I see when he opens a parcel for him, then I tell him why! 

So I thought I would share some of he's wins. 

My favourtive win of all is my stunning Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag, I had my eye on them for ages, but my budget has always said no. There's no way I could justify spending £75 on a changing bag.  The competition was to design a firework picture. Raiden did two as he wanted to do the fireworks whizzing around on the sky then when they explode. He used glitter pens, beads, chalk & sequins. 

One of he's wins was who is Disney cars biggest fan. Raiden has a lot of stuff, so we decided to get it all out and take a picture, he even did a drawing of lighting McQueen. For this he won a £50 Lego set! 

He's won a huge box of sweets from a Hope & greenwood competition for he's fab spider picture. This was a voting competition and I had some good people helping on my team.

A cuddly Moose x2  from sudcreme one for he's fab moose sticking and the other for he's picture of Bruce the moose. 

Mix and match books from caterpillar books for he's mix and match animal.

£25 worth of Funmats Items, he came first place in draw the queen competition.

Cake bombs For he's drawing of a belle cake he wanted for Lexie.

Spooky buddies box set for he's scary picture from Halloween. 

Little dish goodies for he's picture having fun in the snow. 

Tumtum for he's Fantastic colouring in Easter picture. 

Eggs book for he's Easter card.

Then he's impressive pirate Easter egg, won an amazing three prizes. Milkshake DVD, seaword goody bag & some naturally cool products. 

He's latest prize was a gorgeous glow in the dark Miffy bear which he has given to Lexie.

I'm am amazingly so proud of him, he is such a very talented young boy. 

Win One Of Four MAM Goodies

I've always been a massive MAM fan! There quirky designs & funky ideas are amazing! 

Check out my reviews on the Self sterlilising bottle  & the perfect soother . I'm gutted that Lexie didn't take to soothers very well as the prints are really cool. 

I have to give away a bottle pack, Girl soothers, Boy perfect soother & girl perfect soother.

To win one of these fab prizes please fill out the form below.  

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WIn One Of Two Wow Toys Playsets

Right let's kick off with a great competition. Some of you know I reviewed the fabulous Wow Toys last year HERE

Wow Toys are Bright colours, sounds and chunky shapes provide visual, auditory and tactile stimulation. that require no batteries due to the powerful friction motors. wow toys stimulate learning through long lasting creative play with exciting features to discover which help develop and feed young imaginations. From basic motor skills to more advanced social interactive role-play, the toys provide children with a fun way to make sense of the world around them and assist with early development. With a massive range from 1 years there is really something for every child and there imagination.

We have been given two fantastic playsets for you lovely lot.

Mario's Pizzeria & Ryans Road Trip, for your chance to win one please follow the instructions below.

**Please do not tick them off without doing them as your entry will just be deleted**

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

We Are One Years Old

So yesterday saw in our 1st birthday it's doesn't seem a whole year ago I started!  People often ask me why I blog, why I'm so trusting in putting my child's life on the Internet? 

The reason I started blogging was a few reasons but the main one was for MYSELF. It was agreed before we had Lexie was born. I wouldn't be going back to work straight away like I did with Raiden. I would be there to take Raiden to school & I would be the face he sees to pick him up! It actually wouldn't benefit me working either, it wouldn't even cover the childcare costs of both children.
my old job I only worked part time and it meant me not getting in until 7pm on the night. No good really when you ave two small children.

I suffered severe post natal depression with Raiden & I didn't want to suffer this time, so hence the blog! It's here when I need to talk its hear to listen & it knows my true feelings! I have a lot of unpublished  posts which I've just rambled on when I'm down. My blog reminds me everyday how lucky i am to have two beautiful and healthy children as without them I'm nothing.

I hope in the future the kids have a detailed record of things that have made me smile, the things we did together and of cause sharing memories. It's like a detailed photo album online. 

People think I blog for free stuff, it isn't easy as that! Blog posts take time and effort! Redrafting the post, doing pictures, reviewing the item & finding links for the post its actually a lot f work. I've had some amazing opportunities from my blog and I've worked with some amazing big brands. My children have benefited dearly from it and love the extra treats they get thought out the year. It's made me think so much more as a parent too with the choices I make for my children. 

I want to thank all the company's that have donated for my birthday competitions too, it's amazing how many have. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

Grandads Been On Hoilday

Well as you know grandad come to stay with us! 

A few weeks ago he decided to go and holiday to spend he's retirement money. I opened this email today. He's been very busy!

''Hello Brummie Mummy Family,  I'm really missing you all but I'm having a great time. Ive sent some snapshots for you to enjoy ''

Love Grandad! Xxx

JellyStone Designs Pebble Bangle & GIveaway

I came across Jellystone designs on Facebook. Lexie has got 8 teeth though now it looks like her back ones are coming though now. So this was the perfect time to test a teething bangle out.

Jellystone designs sent me a gorgeous chunky snow white pebble bangle for Lexie to try, it comes in any amazing another 6 colours! The bangle is whole silicone so there's no loose bits, it's very thick and sturdy there's no way a child could bite though it. It's perfect for little hands & little teeth to chew on, suitable from 0-36 mths. It has a lovely Soft-feel and texture that mums and babies will love.

It Does not contain any nasties so its free from Bisphenol-A, Phthalates & PVC. Easily cleaned with soapy water, a wet wipe or in the dishwasher.

Lexie was pretty quick to try it out, I think she liked the texture of it and uses it quite a lot though out the day. I love the quirky design it's fab for mum even if your not with baby.

I've came across teething necklaces and bracelets before but Jellystone are really something else when it comes to there designs they are truly amazing! Very bright & bold they really make a statement. 

My favorite is the Pink owl 

As its Our birthday this week, Jellystone Designs have kindly offered one of you lovely lot to win a gorgeous necklace of your choice! How super cool is that.Which one would you choose.


To enter please fill out the form below! Please make sure you do all the tasks for a greater chance in winning! 

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Interview with Carl Christian founder of City of Friends

Ive been posting alot about the fab new show City Of friends, here is a fantastic interview with the founder of City Of Friends.

Q:  Thanks for taking time to talk with us today Carl Christian.  The creation of City of Friends is a unique story that has captured the hearts and minds of children and parents alike.  Can you tell us how City of Friends came about and what inspired you to write the TV series?

A:  City of Friends is a deeply personal story for me.  Since I was a young child it was my dream, like many children, to become a policeman in my home country of Norway.  In 1998 I graduated from the Norway State Police, a very proud moment indeed.  I worked in various departments and areas of the Norway State Police before I was recruited into the Special Forces (S.W.A.T) team handling serious cases of crime. As I worked these special cases, it became clear to me that my work as a police officer was only made possible with the assistance of the Paramedic and Fire Brigade teams. Together, and only together, we were able to solve crime and help people quickly.  Over time, we built friendships and realised that it was this special teamwork that made our jobs and lives more rewarding and we began to appreciate the work each other was doing.

It was around this time that I also realised what important life lessons I was learning and with one young son at home, I was searching for a way to pass these on.  I began to create bedtime stories for my son – gentle life lessons that would help me to teach him about friendship, tolerance and the importance of teamwork.  Whilst my day-job was based in a city that had serious crime and was focused on adults, I instead created a utopian version of this world – a city where everyone is friends.  I created characters based on the three emergency services – police, fire and ambulance - that would help people in this city of vehicles, animals and people and so Max, Elphie and Ted and many other characters were born.

Each day I would come home from work and tell my son all the amazing adventures of working with the emergency services to solve problems around our city.  My son was fascinated by my stories and soon he started to recognise the role of each character and know who would be needed when a problem arose and when. 

It was around this time that I started thinking that perhaps I could turn this into something bigger so that more parents could teach their children the importance of friendship and teamwork to their young children.  I decided to start documenting my stories, noting the various characteristics of Max, Elphie and Ted, sketching what they looked like and so on.

One day my son’s nursery called and asked if I would come along and read the children some of my stories.  Like my young son, the children were fascinated.

The idea to turn my stories into a TV series came while I was watching a children’s TV show with my son and realised that City of Friends has all the elements to make a great show.  I started talking to the Norwegian broadcasters and the Culture & Arts Ministers in the Norwegian Government.  We secured our first round of funding from the private sector in 2007 and again in 2008 and City of Friends made its broadcast debut in a 26 x 10 minute part series in January 2010.

I had fulfilled my first dream to become a policeman and now a second dream was starting to take shape.

 Q: What do your kids think about City of Friends?

A:  When I first created City of Friends, I had one young son and now I have three!  They all love City of Friends for different reasons.  Each of my sons identifies with the main characters but above all, they love all the action and adventure that takes place when a crisis arises!  I guess it is the sense of purpose to each story and when they speak of teamwork and friendship and every time we take the series into a new area or series, it reminds me how important it is to remain true to the core values of the show.

Q:  How did your colleagues in the police force react to City of Friends?

A:  The Norwegian State Police have been very supportive from the outset and today, they have embraced City of Friends as much as the team working on it.  They appreciate the endorsement it gives the police force in general as it all goes towards the work we are doing in our own city.


Q:  City of Friends has taken the world by storm and is airing in 150 countries, why do you think it’s so successful?

A:  City of Friends is an imaginary world that I created by seeing a world through my son’s eyes.  I asked myself what world would he like to live in, what was his perfect world?  I imagined he would like to talk to fire engines and other vehicles, play with monkeys and kangaroos and live in a world where vehicles, people and animals all live side by side equally and always helping each other out.  I believe the show remains true to these original ideas and core values which parents support and trust and children enjoy.  What has surprised me is that in only 4 years, we have achieved broadcasting in more than 150 countries and in 22 languages! We are still growing and expanding the TV distribution but along the way we have discovered more opportunities to grow the City of Friends franchise into areas we had never imagined.  It is exciting times for City of Friends!


Q: What can fans of City of Friends look forward to in 2012?

A:  The company I founded in 2009, CreaCon Group, was established to create the television production of City of Friends but today, we have a business that more depth and breadth than just the TV series.  We really wanted City of Friends to reach as big an audience as possible and experience the brand and its characters on several different levels.  We have created a fantastic Live Events business in Norway which we are hoping to replicate around the world once the show has been established with audiences.  In Norway we are now selling 20,000 tickets to shows staged in Arenas such is the popularity of the series.  We hope to be bringing this to the UK in the next 2 years.  We are also increasingly busy establishing our Licensing business in the UK so that we can deliver character-based licensed product to all our fans in the UK.  This year we will also be releasing some great original music on our first City of Friends CD – set for a 2012 release.

Q:  Many people are talking about City of Friends and how it teaches kids valuable life-lessons, can you tell us a little more about that?

A:  Like all parents, I wanted to create a show that helps me teach my children important lessons about the world we live in.  I believe the show has remained true to this vision and lessons about friendship and teamwork are timeless.

Q: Growing up what was the most valuable life-lesson you learnt?

A: The importance of friendship and taking care of people around you.  Also, keep holding on to your dream as one day it will come true and without this belief you will find it difficult to believe it will one day happen.

I was first tested when I wanted to join the Police Academy.  There were over 5000 applicants for 300 positions and without a sense of belief and knowing I could achieve my dream I would never have got a place and be where I am today.

Q: And if real life could learn one important life-lesson from City of Friends, what would it be?

A:  It is a simple but clear message.  Wouldn’t life would be much easier if we were all just friends and if we all helped each other out?  City of Friends is fundamentally a community based on trust, friendship and where everyone is treated the same way.

Q: Finally, which character do you relate to the most?

A:  Max the Monkey of course!  As the resident police officer in City of Friends I easily relate to him the best! 

Q:  What three characteristics describe you the best?

A:  Creative, driven and ambitious.

Q:  What do you think is more important, ambition or talent?

A:  Ambition is more important but you really need a little bit of both.  Without ambition, your talent can easily go unnoticed or unfulfilled however if you have the ambition to see something through, you can achieve loads.

Q:  How would you rate out of 10 the satisfaction with your life to date?

A:  7 out of 10.  More than OK but not perfect.  I’m a busy father of 3, with two jobs and travelling around the world.  But most importantly, I’m having fun along the way.

Q:  If you could be anything you wanted to be, what would it be?

A:  Liverpool’s Number 9 player or a fighter pilot or if either of those didn’t work out, the lead singer of U2.

City of Friends airs weekdays on Channel 5’s Milkshake at 6.20am, Saturdays at 6.15am and Sundays at 6.25am or visit www.cityoffriends.com and the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CityofFriendstv to find out more information. 

Olly The Little White Van Goes To School

Young fans of the adorable, big-hearted and cheeky little white van can now join a unique schools education programme designed for reception year (year 1) children based on the popular children’s character Olly. ‘Olly’s Little Helpers Club is free to join and available for educators to download online at www.ollyslittlehelpersclub.com.
The campaign launches this week to over 17,000 primary schools and approximately 750,000 children aged 4-5 years old.
Children will learn how they can follow Olly's lead at home and now for the first time, at school, helping themselves, their family, other people and even the environment - all while having fun too! 

A dedicated Teachers Zone provides comprehensive notes on how ‘Olly’s Little Helpers Club’ can benefit their reception and year one pupils. This provides teachers with the right tools to help inspire children to have fun whilst helping others. All materials are designed to support a child’s key development needs in line with the Early Year’s Foundation stages and curriculum. 

In the Kids Zone, there are engaging activity sheets, club goodies and access to previous Olly episodes. Kids will love the downloadable activity sheets, class posters, stickers, certificates, and badges. Parents also have their own Zone to help them encourage their little one(s) to get involved with helping out at home. 

Since Olly first came to CiTV last summer, he has been taken to the nation’s heart. Young viewers are captivated by Olly, voiced over by Justin Fletcher, MBE, the star of Mr Tumble, Gigglebiz and Justin’s House.
Olly the Little White Van airs twice a day on weekdays on CiTV at 9.45am and 1pm.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Cebrations

Well we haven't done much for the Jubilee. Raidens had a picnic at school plus a Jubilee day too.

We was meant to go for a fun day out but typical British weather it didn't stop  raining all day, plus Little Lexie had a rough night so we decided to say in!

Raiden made an awesome union jack flag.

I wanted to make a union jack pizza but Raiden wanted to do a pattern instead!

I decided to do Jubilee- ish nails!

 Here is little Lexie & her Jubilee Bow.

 Raidens just entered the Brother Max Jubilee Competition too,entries need to be in by the end of June.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

White Step Flexibath Toys.

I was very excited to be asked to review the White Step Flexibath bath set. It's very rare I get something that covers both ages of my children, with the four year age gap.

The Flexibath Toys include an ingenious small table which can be attached to all bathtubs by means of the specially designed suction cups. The table offers the child an additional place to play with their favourite bath-time toys while enjoying a bath. 

When we opened the box, firstly we noticed the bright and bold colours. The box contained 2cups, 1 jug, 1 lid and a table. the toys which are soft and fun to play with, which are made from the soft TPE plastic used in the Flexi Bath.

The Flexi Bath Toys are made from PP and TPE and comply with all relevant international standards. Both types of materials are free from PVC, Phthalates, BPA, heavy metals and other harmful and hazardous materials.

My daughter was the first to notice the new toy on the wall and was very eager to climb in to the bath. I loved the squishyness of the cups, they was lovely to hold, there bold and bright colours made them easy to see under the bubbles too. The kids both loved the set and happily played for ages, Raiden thought it was hilarious giving Lexie the cup which the water came out the bottom like a waterfall. The bath toys are a massive hit in our house now and I love how it's all easily stored away on the shelf until next bathime.

Fabric Flavours Avengers Childrens Tshirt

Got to admit I had never heard of Fabric Flavours before until I got a lovely t-shirt to review thought the post. With a huge marvel fan in the house I knew it would go down a treat. 

Featuring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from the ever-popular Marvel comic book series The Avengers – the iconic Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America – all leaping into action.

The distressed original Marvel artwork on super-soft light-grey marl cotton comes complete with contrast red ribbed collar and sleeves, raw-edging and a Marvel comic badge appliqu├ęd on the sleeve. We loved the vintage looking design and the t-shirt was nice and soft. Plus it was quite thick, not thin like some cheaper brands. The T-shirt has been washed twice and it still looks new and hasn't shrunk either. 

Fabric Flavours have a great website. It's bright, bold and colourful just like it's clothing. Navigating is simple and quick and you can zoom in on the garments you want to view for extra detail.

Overall this t-shirt is gorgeous, very soft with a brilliant detail perfect for boys. It's  a bit on the expensive side at £16 but if you've got the budget for these t-shirts then I'd highly recommend you purchase a few or maybe for a special occasion.

Friday, 1 June 2012

We Have Been Growing

Raidens been doing life circles at school. He was all excited to come and tell how tadpoles change in to frogs and caterpillars turn in to butterflies.

Raiden loves nature, he's always picking up ladybirds, worms or trying to catch butterflies.  As we don't have a garden, I decided to grab some grow your own packs.

I would absolutely love a garden where we could grow our own fruit and vegetables. Hopefully one day will be be able too.  The first pack i got was a grass head man, you simply just water and let he's hair grow. One of the reasons I chose this is that its pretty quick growing. 




The second was a Venus fly trap, I thought this would be exciting to see as its like a living plant. We are still waiting for this to shoot, hopefully it wont be long!