Saturday, 12 May 2012

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant New Bluebell Woods

Zoflora, the UK’s favourite household disinfectant brand, is celebrating its 90th Birthday this year. Known for its fragrance antibacterial disinfectant products, Zoflora is a British heritage brand still manufacturing in its Huddersfield factory, since the brand began in 1922.

 Zoflora is introducing a brand new, limited edition fragrance, to add to the patriotic mood this year. Courtesy of new Zoflora Bluebell Woods, a distinctly British flower, homes around the country will be hygienically clean and filled with a delicate, floral scent of early summer. 

 Well I'm a massive zoflora fan, I don't want to admit how many bottles I use per month.  Nothing beats, cleaning and getting a whiff of my favourite big and bold lavender smell.  I use it all sound the house not just to mop the floors too not only does it climate dirt it kills germs too! As its concentrated  you do  need a bit, I'm a sucker for this I use a lot more than I should!  

 I was asked to test and review the new bluebell woods. I was a bit weary as since I was pregnant with my daughter and even now, i can't use the hyacinth scent. I was pleasantly surprised still the bold but fresh new fragrance! Even the OH and the mother in law noticed the different smell.  I really can't fault it and I think it will always be my favourtive cleaning product. Massive thumbs up from me.

Pop over to the Zoflora site and check all there fragrances out.


  1. oooh another frangrance but would it affect my hayfever as i have to be careful with my smellies cause i have a house full of sneezers might check it out anyway cheers tina for bringing it to my attention xx