Saturday, 12 May 2012

We Have Gone Quackers With Hello Baby Brio Duck

I'm pretty familiar with the brand Brio, a lot of my workplaces have had the toys! With them being wood they last longer. 

  I have always been a massive fan of wooden toys.  We was sent a beautiful wooden Brio duck. Lexie was fast asleep when I opened it so I had a little play and left it on the mat until she woke. When she finally did wake from her nap she spotted it straight away and picked it up.

 As you pull it along it nods its head, flaps its wings and makes a quacking sound as you pull it  Lexie  was in hysterics laughing.  It is made for ages 19m+, Lexie has just turned 12mths, but I think as soon as the child is walking its suitable. Although sometimes she's so fast Mr duck, ends up on he's side. As the wood is durable and strong, he's escaped without a scratch so far. 

 When Raiden came home he was the first the run around pulling it while little Lexie was running after it.  It was actually like a scene from Tom & Jerry.  She is absolutely loving the duck its been out and played with since she got it everyday without fail.  Such a simple but well made and cute toy.  

 The brio duck pull along toy wooden baby toy  Is available from The online nursery shop hello baby 

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